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Featuring speakers from a variety of backgrounds, our fantastic LGBT speakers are some of the best on the circuit and are guaranteed to create diverse and inclusive conversations at all events they attend. Browse our range of speakers on a mission to create awareness and acceptance for the incredible LGBT community and book today! 

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As the world continues to become a more diverse and inclusive place, LGBT speakers are increasing in popularity for speaking engagements. Highly sought after for both corporate and public events, LGBT speakers champion acceptance of the community and ensure that everyone is able to express themselves no matter how they identify.  

Here at The Motivational Speakers Agency, we are fortunate to host some of the best LGBT speakers on the circuit, from famous sporting stars to tv personalities. Browse our vast selection below, contact us and book today!  

Powerful speakers who spread awareness and acceptance for members of the LGBT community, our selection of LGBT speakers are guaranteed to create diverse, inclusive and equal conversations at speaking events. Whether they are sharing their own experiences as an LGBT+ individual or showing their support as an ally of the LGBT community, our speakers handle topics with passion and authenticity.  

Spreading messages of inclusion, our speakers discuss everything from transgender awareness to LGBT sport- meaning there is something that will perfectly fit your organisation. With one in five LGBT staff experiencing negative comments or conduct from work colleagues in the last year, it continues to be highly important that you show your support to LGBT individuals not only in the workplace but in society as a whole.  

The Motivational Speakers Agency are fortunate to host some of the most dedicated and passionate LGBT speakers on the circuit. Experts in creating inclusive conversations and raising awareness of the discrimination that the LGBT community continues to face, make sure that you book a fantastic LGBT speaker to help in the mission to achieve acceptance.  

For a wider selection of LGBT speakers, visit The LGBT Speakers Agency.  

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