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Often some of the most motivational speakers that you can hire, military speakers draw upon their personal experiences to really motivate audiences. Combining determination and leadership, military speakers ask for nothing but the best from their audiences, encouraging them to put that extra effort in. Browse our selection of military speakers below.

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If you are looking for a motivational speaker for your event, military speakers are some of the most inspirational public speakers around. Having served in some of the most unforgiving parts of the world, our military speakers’ experiences can teach us lessons relevant to a vast number of professional areas.

When it comes to overcoming adversity, the armed forces are often considered to be one of the most challenging professional environments around. Apart from the physical strength required to excel in a military role, an unshakeable mental strength is often just as important.

Regardless of their rank, military professionals across the world rely on their mental strengths to be able to overcome the various challenges they are expected to meet on a daily basis. Although many of those challenges might seem insurmountable to an ordinary person, military personnel are often forced to overcome adversity whatever the odds. As such, military speakers are some of the most motivated professionals around, helping them to similarly excel in their role as a motivational speaker.

The sheer mental strength shown by those serving in the armed forces can serve as an inspiration for many professionals working in other fields. No matter the area of work you’re in, modern-day professionals are often expected to overcome a wide array of different challenges.

Without a doubt, meeting these challenges can be tough. In order to meet the challenges set before you, you will need to rely on your mental strength and ability to push through. Serving as excellent role models, military speakers can give you or your workforce that much-needed inspiration, motivating their listeners to rise to the occasion.

Our military speakers represent some of the most accomplished and intriguing professionals in their field. Potential speakers include prominent figures such as General Sir Mike Jackson CBE, one of the most high-profile British Army generals since World War II, and Colonel Stuart Tootal DSO OBE, who has considerable experience both within the military and the corporate world.

Having spent time in some of the most dangerous and challenging situations imaginable, our military speakers are often able to deliver shocking, powerful and impressive speeches. Sharing the lessons learnt from taking part in military operations, military history can be retold in a truly gripping fashion. As such, military speakers are an ideal choice to motivate and inspire guests at a number of different events.

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