Peak performance
Lauren Perkins
Lauren Perkins | 08th August 2022
Peak performance plays an integral role in creating productive, resilient and happy workforces. However, for employees to reach peak performance, organisations must provide the perfect environment and resources that would allow them to reach a flow…
Fourth Industrial Revolution
Lauren Perkins
Lauren Perkins | 04th August 2022
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us and with it, the greatest changes humanity will experience. Evolving on an exponential level, there will be a series of profound disruptions that will affect every industry in every country, therefore, it…
LGBT History Month
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 01st August 2022
In the diversity and inclusion calendar, it is important to recognise LGBT History Month every February ahead of LGBT Pride Month in June. The two events work together to educate people on historic LGBTQ+ events, celebrate …
Marginal Gain
Lauren Perkins
Lauren Perkins | 27th July 2022
The marginal gains technique is a systematic method that enables individuals to improve because of the cumulative effect of small changes, leading to major outcomes. Many people will typically set significant goals; however, they may fail to achieve…