Climate Change Speakers

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing humankind, as rising sea levels and record-breaking temperatures threaten the Earth's ecosystem. It is up to every individual, business and organisation to protect our planet, through recycling programs and renewable energy sources. When booked for events, climate change speakers supply a how-to guide for sustainability, making them essential figures at corporate conferences.

Book Expert Climate Change Speakers For Sustainability Events

Motivated by the latest reports and troubling images from the Poles, climate change speakers believe the time for action is now.

A recent study found that since the 19th century, increasing carbon dioxide emissions have caused the warmest years on record, with a rise of 1.18 degrees Celsius reported.

For this reason, it is integral for businesses, organisations and other leading bodies to change their ways. Speakers on climate change are essential experts on this topic, as their personal experience and unwavering dedication make them powerful orators.

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To protect our planet, we must take action – and quickly. Businesses need to stay ahead of the curve regarding legislation and best practices, to best appeal to their consumers’ eco-friendly values.

Taking a public stand is a powerful way to communicate your sustainable intentions, so why not book a speaker for Earth Day?

Celebrated on the 22nd of April, Earth Day is an annual reminder of our impact on the planet. By organising a themed event and booking an insightful speaker to attend, you will both educate your team and send a clear message to consumers.

On April 22nd, and every other day of the year, pledge to protect our earth and hire a climate change speaker for your corporate conference.

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