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Arguably the biggest challenge we face as a human race, climate change has constantly been at the forefront of the news. As CO2 and sea levels are rising, the Polar ice caps continue to melt and planet Earth is heating up at a rate that could see our highest temperature for thousands of years.

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Spurred on by the latest reports and troubling images coming from Antartica, activists have concluded that the time for action is now. Even the younger generation have been making their voices heard on the matter, with the teenager who inspired school protests around the world, Greta Thunberg becoming something of a figurehead for the movement.

Remarkably, the protests were answered by the UK Parliament who became the first country in the world to declare an environmental and climate emergency on Wednesday 01 May 2019. The announcement represents a landmark moment and could be a major move in settling the climate change issue once and for all. But where next? What is the next move for the scientists and technologists at the heart of climate change innovations?

You can find out today by booking a climate change expert to help you on your way to a greener working environment. Change is due and will come thick and fast, so staying ahead of the curve regarding legislation and best practice can be essential to any evolving business.

Climate change speakers offer a dramatic representation of the ins and outs of their day to day. Whether they are known as scientists, engineers or futurists, these speakers can map out the possibilities for the future of he planet. Able to discuss the challenges we face in terms of making life on earth sustainable, climate change speakers can forecast the future, and deliver a unique glimpse into the work being carried out to save the planet.

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