Fintech Speakers

Fintech has revolutionised the way that finance departments work within businesses. With the constant development of financial technology, Fintech has become a major talking point at corporate events, functions and conferences.

Hire Expert Fintech Speakers For Corporate Events

FinTech is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve financial activities, for example, the use of smartphones for mobile banking and investing services has drastically altered how we manage our money in just a handful of years. The aim of FinTech is to bring financial control to our fingertips, increasing the accessibility of financial services for those who are unable to visit a bank. FinTech is the combination of finances and technology, to improve how people control their money, mainly benefitting sectors like automating insurance, trading, banking services, and risk management.

Take a look at our FinTech speakers to kickstart your financial future. Each speaker has the charisma and confidence to captivate your audience, propelling your business to endless opportunities.

Expected to reach over $70 billion in market value by 2020, the demand for experts in FinTech increased by over 15% in 2018. With the ever-increasing dependence on technology, FinTech is yet another way for us to have all of our personal data, monetary value and global contact in our own hands. For businesses, FinTech is a saving grace. Especially for companies in retail and sales, FinTech is an exciting opportunity for a more accessible, secure method of payment.

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