Black History Month Speakers

Every October in Europe, and February in America and Canada, Black History Month reminds us of the strides made by pioneers of racial equality. The celebration also highlights the ongoing importance of inclusion and diversity, as promoted by many anti-racism speakers at corporate events.

Hire A Passionate Black History Month Speakers For BHM Events

When booked for events, Black History Month speakers draw upon their personal experiences to enlighten audiences. Such an impactful insight can open their guest’s eyes to the microaggressions and implicit biases that continue to hold the Black community back, clearing the path for an inclusive future. For business leaders, these speakers hold the key to a stronger, more cohesive workplace.

In the UK, Black History Month is celebrated every October. The month draws attention to the essential need for diversity and inclusion in positions of power, including Governments, businesses and more, supplying people with leading advice on racial equality. Since 1926, when the celebration was originally coined by historian Carter G. Woodson, Black History Month has been a staple of both British culture and education.

The benefits of booking a Black motivational speaker or Black keynote speaker specialising in anti-racism can be truly transformative. Hailing from a wealth of industries and backgrounds, these inspiring personalities leave a resonating impression on their audience, as their personal experiences relate to Black guests, and open the eyes of White audiences.

For business owners, speakers for Black History Month can supply valuable advice on making their workplace more racially inclusive. From training existing employees on the correct terminology to highlighting the power of equity, these speakers have dedicated their careers to fighting racism in all its forms. With many reports finding that diverse workplaces are more productive, creative, and better at decision making, there is no reason not to be inclusive.

In today’s climate, a diverse line-up at events is imperative. By featuring speakers from a wealth of backgrounds, you are welcoming a wide range of experiences, beliefs, and valuable opinions, ensuring that your audience comes away truly enlightened. Additionally, as event organisers, you are in a unique position to make a transformative change and level the speaking playing field by hiring a Black History Month speaker.

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