David Erasmus

Leading advocator of marrying innovation, technology and social responsibility

David Erasmus

David Erasmus is a British entrepreneur who brings together innovation, social responsibility and technology.

Born in Johannesburg but raised in Surrey, David left school at 18 with a conviction that he could achieve more in three years in the business world than he could by going to university.

He set up Broadplace.com, his first business, within six months, and grew the business for two and a half years, managing £5m of annual advertising budget and employing 20 staff locally and abroad.

David then spent two years travelling the world, meeting global leaders and discussing how education could be improved and how better entrepreneurial opportunities could be created.

As a result of these conversations, David co-founded online marketing company clickego.com, based in Cape Town, aiming to encourage budding entrepreneurship and to create employment opportunities in South Africa.

David is also a founding member of the Ambassadors for Philanthropy, a Government initiative orchestrated by the cabinet office, and in September 2009, he established a business start-up incubator, called Cubate.com, which specialises in developing mobile & social projects.

His first project with the company was GetGiving, which ultimately became Givey – an app which allows users to make real-time social donations to Charities.

In 2011 he was given a special advisory role with Lord Wei of Shoreditch (formerly David Cameron’s council on ‘The Big Society’) advising him on solving social problems through technology.

A technology guru who incorporates exemplary social goals into his work, David is a compelling and entertaining business speaker who is sure to impress crowds.

His repertoire as a technology speaker is second to none and he is always a consummate professional in front of an audience.

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