Graham Duff

Red Arrows Pilot, commodities broker and entrepreneur


To become a pilot you must command a tremendous amount of courage and have exceptional control over the mind. Pilots express the culmination of years of training and discipline which can be observed simply by the impeccable grace they show when soaring through the skies at supersonic speeds. Becoming a pilot is about learning to push yourself, and put everything on the line, this makes them fantastic Motivational Speakers. Graham Duff is one such pilot, who flew with the RAF completing several tours in Afganistan.

A distinguished pilot who can tell stories of the G3A Jaguar bomber he flew while defending Northen Iraq, or the tales of rescuing people from mountains and other dangerous situations, Graham is an incredibly driven and motivated individual.

Harbouring a lifelong ambition to be a pilot, Graham Duff signed up for the Air Training Corps on his 13th birthday. He then went on to study Aeronautical Engineering at Bristol University where he was a member of the University’s Air Squadron, before joining the Royal Air Force as a trainee pilot in 1996.

After Officer Training, he qualified as a member of the Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Team, where he worked for 18 months while waiting to begin flying training; during that time he had his second visit to Nepal on an expedition.

Graham Duff graduated top of his class and went on to operationally fly the ground-attack Jaguar GR3A, a single seat fast jet fighter-bomber aircraft, and he gained extensive experience defending the No-Fly Zone in Northern Iraq. He also took part in exercises in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.

Graham then completed a three-year tour – the maximum possible – with the Red Arrows in 2010, as a display pilot, before deploying to Afghanistan again with UK Special Forces for a 4-month ground tour.

Graham Duff has also climbed to the highest summits of Europe and Asia. In May 2011, Graham Duff reached the summit of Mount Everest, the two and a half month expedition was described by Graham Duff as an “epic experience”, despite losing two and a half stone in the process.

Graham Duff’s repertoire as a motivational speaker and after dinner speaker captivates audiences. His eloquence and passion for helping people overcome adversity and achieve peak performance are undeniable.

If you want a speaker with stories to tell and adventures to share, Graham Duff is full of exciting tales to tell. From being in the military to climbing Everest. Sometimes Graham Duff has even been known to run the London Marathon!

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