Ken Wharton

Leading Military Speaker

ken wharton

Ken Wharton has now reached his mid-60; a father of 7 and grandfather to 8, he is an experienced skydiver and a former football referee in the North of England. He is a former British soldier and a politics graduate with a solid determination to tell the truth about Operation Banner.

He continues writing with the same enthusiasm he had writing his first book, a decade ago.

Ken writes with a passion about a subject for which he is well qualified, having first-hand knowledge and first-hand experience; as both a soldier on the streets of Belfast and a writer/military historian of some proven talent; he has an affinity with the wonderful people of Northern Ireland who, for 30 long years, just wanted peace.

He observed and documented the frenzied ravings of Irish-Americans railing against ‘British oppression,’ and the feverish attempts by Sinn Fein to re-write history and, always a soldier at heart, vowed not to sit by idly, choosing instead to risk his own personal safety in providing a platform for the stories of those involved in Operation Banner; to tell it as it was.

Fuelled by Gerry Adams’ propaganda machine, churning out its daily attempts to mask the IRA’s terror campaign, Ken started the first of his series of 9 books on The Troubles and has created a chronological history of what happened during those 30 years; book number 10 is already with his publisher and he is currently working on number 11.

Ken is considered to be a respected military author and his work is highly appreciated by all of those involved in Operation Banner and, in the case of all those who sadly died, by their grieving loved ones. He has been invited to Sandhurst Military Academy in July, 2016, in order to address the officer cadets.

He also made a presentation in 2014 to Australian Combat Engineers, prior to their deployment to Afghanistan.

Ken Wharton is not only a recognised authority on the experiences of those involved in Operation Banner, he is also an engaging and knowledgeable personality who can be relied upon to stimulate and entertain his audience, as well as inform and educate them on the truth behind the terrors that some would prefer were forgotten.

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“Ken Wharton’s meticulous research and honest rendering of the past brings those of us who experienced The Troubles to a much closer understanding of what occurred. He gives us the minutiae that few other writers have been able or willing to provide. He has an ability to introduce us to voices that provide the essential elements for understanding conflict. Future students of the period will also undoubtedly benefit from his studies.” – Martin Dillon, bestselling author of The Shankill Butchers, The Dirty War, God and the Gun, Trigger Men

‘Another Bloody Chapter’ is a book about two wars – Guerrilla and Propaganda – fought against professional soldiers and innocent civilians by a ruthless and psychopathic enemy. The IRA observed no rules of engagement whatsoever and glorified in the kidnap and bombing of civilians as much as it did in the murder of troops. And yet they bleated like spoiled children about ‘human rights’ when bested in honest combat or caught with blood on their own hands. In the words of Ken Wharton himself: ‘Shoot to kill? Hell, so what? It was shoot to survive!’ – Steven McLaughlin, bestselling author of Squaddie: A Soldier’s Story

“Perhaps one of the most unique and surprising things about this story is the way that Ken tells it. Recounting everything from meticulously recorded oral histories, the chronological approach maps out the relentless trepidations and often harrowing experiences of the soldiers in such a way that the horrors really speak for themselves. Ken’s approach is matter of fact, without allowing hyperbole to cloud the facts. There is no need – for the brutality and injustice of the daily tragedies speak for themselves.” – Damien Lewis, bestselling author of many books, including Zero Six Bravo, War Dog, Operation Certain Death

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