Bill Aitken

Former BBC Producer Turned Motivational Speaker

Bill Aitken Booking Agent

As he suggests in his book The Golden Age Of Rock On The Radio, motivational speaker and former BBC producer Bill Aitken is one of those hugely important figures in the industry that many people are unaware of because they operate in the background.

As the blurb for his book says: “In the days before record companies took an interest in artists like The Beatles, Marc Bolan, Free and Queen, there was a small band of people at the BBC who championed their cause, broadcasting their music to millions… [These] music producers and sound engineers never enjoyed the glamour and recognition according to their counterparts in the commercial recording business. But they played a key role in the development of UK rock music…”

As a motivational speaker, Bill Aitken has some fantastic stories to tell of his days as a studio engineer and producer who was actually there when so many iconic rock recordings were being made.

He can also share some fascinating information on what it was really like to be backstage at the ground-breaking Live Aid concert for Ethiopia in 1985.

Bill has worked with some of the biggest names in UK rock music and played a key role in getting their music out to the wider world.

It is this experience of producing and marketing against the odds in a fiercely competitive world – combined with his time in sales and marketing for the recording studio equipment manufacturer Solid State Logic – that enables Bill to entertain audiences with his unique insight.

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At corporate events, Bill is known to speak on the following topics:

  • Motivational Speaker
  • Sound Production
  • the Audio Industry

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