Jayne Storey



The highly motivational speaker Jayne Storey is a well-respected performance coach and specialist in what she calls “the zone”. Being in the performance zone, she says, gives people the freedom to work effortlessly yet very effectively, especially in highly competitive or high-pressure situations.

Jayne is the inventor of the chi-performance method which, she says, enables people to “unlock the art and science of performance”. In sport and the arts – which is where the formula originated – the chi method can be the difference between success and failure by tiny margins. What Jayne brings to people is the ability to make the difference between being a champion and being a runner-up.

As in sport, so people in business need to develop genuine freedom in their minds, bodies, emotions and spirit, the motivational speaker tells conference delegates and others looking to maximise their potential. As Jayne puts it: “I have spent literally decades obsessing on this and I now have the definite formula!”

Traditionally, Jayne Storey works with performing artists or athletes and sports people but her philosophy translates just as well into the business world. Achieving “personal bests” is what every person (and every employee) should be aiming for continually, she argues, and this can be achieved by “very simple techniques”.

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“It’s not exactly hard to find a speaker on just about any subject these days. It seems that anyone can set themselves up as an expert. But just occasionally you meet someone who’s the real deal; someone who is the best at what they do and who commands respect for their expertise, credibility and professionalism. The moment I first met Jayne Storey, she had an immediate impact on me. She really is the real deal, and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a world class speaker, new ideas and renewed focus in their lives and their business” – Philip Calvert, Financial Services Network

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