Rona Cant

Explorer, International Speaker and Author

Rona Cant

Rona Cant has gone from a housewife and stay-at-home Mum, to a record-breaking explorer and adventurer. From yacht racing to dog sledding, Rona has done it all. In fact, every single one of her accomplishments have come at an age when most people are starting to slow down. She is now turning her hand to working as a motivational speaker.

Remarkably, Rona has sailed the ‘wrong way’ around the world, trekked with wild bears and cougars, and even became the first person to cross a dog-sled route across northernmost Europe that was previously considered impossible.

Rona is a captivating storyteller, who uses the lessons she has learnt on her previously unattempted wilderness expeditions to shape her work as a motivational speaker. Her inspirational tales focus on the lessons she learnt when encountering extreme conditions, noting the organisation and communication that ensured her survival.

Most excitingly, she has designed masterclasses and Arctic leadership challenges that aim to empower corporations, staff and employers to become more adventurous and courageous in the business world. Tests and teamwork exercises allow participants to re-shape their corporate survival skills. In fact, Rona transforms what is typically mundane and tiresome training into memorable and exciting learning experiences.

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‘Highly motivational and inspiring. Rona is able to make the impossible, possible and in the telling of her adventures encourages others to try to make changes that they want to happen in their lives too. Thank you Rona for bringing your spirit of adventure to our workplace and for your help in motivating us to introduce something new or different into our work and personal lives.’ – Lloyds TSB

‘A remarkable woman and as such it was an inspiration to hear her speak.’ ‘I take on the gems of leadership and managerial courage from this. Superb! Leadership, team building, focus, dedication, strength, courage, success, failure – although I’d heard this before, in this format it was extremely powerful.’ – Save The Children Conference

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