Rosie Hamilton-McGinty

Motivational Speaker and Author

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Rosie Hamilton-McGinty is a motivational speaker and author who focuses on personal development and children’s upbringing.

With several best-selling books already published and more than 25 years of experience behind her, Rosie is one of the best respected speakers working in her field.

Her existing titles include publications that address issues of bullying, aggression, anxiety, and bed wetting, whilst her over-arching mantra revolves around bringing out the best in people.

Rosie, whose past experiences include running a school for children in Nigeria and qualifications in personal and professional development, believes that a positive and winning attitude can help people to conquer their individual problems and resolve personal conflicts.

Though she has a personal interest in childhood development, Rosie is also involved in corporate and professional development and has worked as a motivational speaker on themes of stress management, career development and leadership and managerial skills in the professional world.

Rosie’s work as an after dinner speaker has taken her around the UK and helped to bring the life changing ideas of her personal and professional development course to audiences both large and small.

Her childhood and child development expertise makes up only part of her wide ranging understanding of life development and, in her capacity as a motivational speaker, Rosie has helped to change the lives of parents, professionals and individuals with her mantra of positivity and changing attitudes.

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