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National Stress Awareness Day emphasises the importance of managing stress for mental wellbeing. Stress is a common experience, with the American Institute of Stress noting that about 33% of people report feeling extreme stress. This day reminds us to seek support and prioritise mental health, highlighting the need for effective stress management strategies.

What is Stress Awareness Day, and Why Is It Important?

National Stress Awareness Day, observed on the first Wednesday of November, was established in 1998 by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA). This day underscores the physical and mental impacts of stress and promotes effective management strategies. It is crucial because it encourages both businesses and individuals to adopt practices that alleviate stress, enhancing overall wellbeing. The day is especially significant in fostering supportive workplace environments and providing resources to manage daily stress.

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How Can I Celebrate Stress Awareness Day 2024?

To celebrate International Stress Awareness Day, dedicate time to self-care and promote stress-free environments both at home and work. Engage in activities that reduce stress, such as meditation, yoga, or enjoyable hobbies. Share techniques for managing stress with friends and colleagues, and encourage them to identify and use healthy coping mechanisms. This day serves as a reminder to prioritise mental health and develop sustainable strategies for managing stress.

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Who are the Top Stress Awareness Day Speakers to Hire in 2024?

Ruth Cooper Dickson

Ruth Cooper-Dickson, a seasoned keynote speaker for Stress Awareness Day, excels in sharing insights on mental health and resilience. As the Founder & CEO of Ruth Cooper-Dickson Limited, she combines her experience as a positive psychology practitioner, breathwork leader, and trauma-informed coach to advocate for healthier workspaces and mental health understanding. Ruth's engaging presentations are enriched by her extensive research and personal experiences, making her a sought-after voice in mental wellbeing.

Official Speaker Feedback:

"Always trust Ruth to deliver the best with these courses (manager training) - the perfect mix of professional and relatable so everyone in the room connects and gets the most out of it. Thank you Ruth Cooper-Dickson" - Chloe, Wellbeing Lead, Lloyd's of London

Derek Redmond

Derek Redmond, a former Olympian whose poignant moment of perseverance at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics captured hearts worldwide, is a keynote speaker for Stress Awareness Day. Today, he leverages his journey through severe athletic injuries and his unwavering determination to motivate and inspire others. Derek emphasises the power of resilience and self-belief in overcoming life's challenges, making him an influential figure in promoting mental wellness and stress management.

Official Speaker Feedback:

"We thought the event was brilliant. Very engaging, tech worked very smoothly and Derek’s stories really struck a chord with our staff. We had c. 200 attendees. Feedback from attendees so far has been glowing. Thank you for all your support in arranging! " - Maria, Ministry of Defence

Anna Williamson

Anna Williamson, a television presenter, bestselling author, and counsellor, is a celebrated keynote speaker for Stress Awareness Day. Her multifaceted expertise spans from children’s television to live event hosting, underpinned by her deep commitment to mental health as a Mind charity ambassador. Anna’s relatable delivery and practical advice, drawn from her own experiences and professional insights, make her an engaging and empowering speaker.

Victoria Pendleton

Victoria Pendleton, an accomplished Olympic cyclist, is a remarkable keynote speaker for Stress Awareness Day. Drawing from personal challenges and triumphs, including overcoming doubts and anxiety on her journey to Olympic gold, Victoria shares captivating insights into resilience and mental strength. Her narrative is not just inspiring but also a testament to mastering stress and achieving greatness.

Official Speaker Feedback:

"A great success! We can highly recommend her for similar occasions. She incorporated conference messaging where appropriate, spoke genuinely and confidently in upfront keynote, and responded well to on the spot questions from audience. People were delighted she took the time to stay for so long after her speech for individual questions, autographs and photos. Incredible and inspirational!" - Involve UK Ltd

Simon Feldman

Simon Feldman is an acclaimed keynote speaker for Stress Awareness Day, renowned for his resilience as a three-time cancer survivor and consumer PR expert. With over 15 years of experience, Simon combines his compelling storytelling skills and profound life experiences to motivate and empower audiences. As the Owner of Coach Simon LTD, he passionately helps others overcome challenges and thrive.

Nick Leeson

Nick Leeson, the infamous figure behind the collapse of Barings Bank, is now a compelling speaker for Stress Awareness Day. With a past marred by financial turmoil and personal struggles, including a battle with colon cancer and time served in prison, Nick brings a unique perspective on resilience and mental health. His speeches often highlight the importance of governance, transparency, and mental wellbeing, making him an enlightening presence at any event.

Official Speaker Feedback:

“Nick Leeson was excellent on the day, very frank, open and honest and allowed for a substantial Q&A session which was very well received at the event. We would have no hesitation in recommending Nick to other organisations such as ourselves.” - Elaine, Irish Brokers Association

Simon Thomas

Simon Thomas, a renowned broadcaster with a rich history from Blue Peter to Sky Sports, is a compelling speaker for Stress Awareness Day. Drawing from his broadcasting career and personal experiences of profound loss, Simon speaks passionately about mental health and resilience. His ability to connect with audiences, combined with his dedication to helping those facing grief, ensures a profound and impactful presentation.

Official Speaker Feedback:

"The session with Simon had a real impact on the business. Simon really connected with so many of our staff who are experiencing issues and a number came forward to seek help after the event. It had more of an impact than we ever thought that it could. Simon's honesty and vulnerability was inspiring for our staff and we are very grateful for him sharing his story with us" - Jamie, BHP

James Clear

James Clear, a distinguished speaker and expert on habit formation, is ideal for Stress Awareness Day. Leveraging his background as an elite athlete and his profound knowledge from diverse fields, he adeptly teaches how to form good habits and make incremental improvements. His speeches, rooted in extensive research and clear explanations, empower audiences to manage stress through small, sustainable changes.

Official Speaker Feedback:

"James is a strong, confident facilitator and his message was easily understood by the audience. He did a great job teaching and facilitating a conversation with our group about habits. It was a great experience and our team got a lot of valuable ideas from the time spent" - Laura, North America Training Manager, Lululemon

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury, former heavyweight champion and known as the Gypsy King, is an impactful speaker for Stress Awareness Day. His towering presence and commanding voice engage audiences as he shares his journey through mental health challenges. Tyson’s inspiring story of battling depression and reclaiming his title resonates deeply, making his speeches a beacon of hope and resilience.

Justine Hardy

Justine Hardy is an ideal speaker for Stress Awareness Day, bringing a unique blend of expertise from her extensive work in conflict trauma therapy. As the founder of Healing Kashmir, she has dedicated over 25 years to mental health care in South Asia, including managing a suicide helpline. Justine’s insight is enriched by her successful career as an author and her humanitarian efforts through the Development Research and Action Group in India. Her experience in complex, high-stress environments makes her an authoritative voice in managing and understanding stress.

Official Speaker Feedback:

"Her sessions here are a tour de force - intellectual and accessible." - Institute of Global Leadership, Tufts University, Boston

Wendy Smith

Wendy Smith, TED talk speaker and Paralympian, excels as a keynote speaker for Stress Awareness Day. Her remarkable approach, emphasising "there is no such word as can't," inspires resilience and hope. Wendy's experiences as an elite athlete, enduring intense pressure, uniquely qualify her to guide others in managing stress effectively. Her engaging talks blend personal anecdotes with interactive demonstrations, empowering her audience to embrace challenges with optimism.

Official Speaker Feedback:

"I’d just like to relay our thanks for arranging for Wendy to speak to us. The session was thoroughly enjoyed by all! She is a real life SuperWoman! Her positivity radiates – even through a Teams screen!" - Siobhan, Partner, HR, CPC Project Services

Emma-Jane Taylor

Emma-Jane Taylor is a celebrated speaker for Stress Awareness Day, renowned for her resilience and dedication to self-help. With a traumatic past, including childhood sexual abuse and family estrangement, Emma-Jane transformed her pain into a powerful tool for change. As a motivational speaker, author, and founder of The Works Company, she inspires audiences to embrace healing and seize new opportunities, promoting a proactive approach to overcoming personal and professional challenges.

Official Speaker Feedback:

"I’ve worked with Emma-Jane on a number of productions for TV and Video and she’s always been the ultimate professional. She clearly understands the importance of thorough preparation and hard work before filming and as a result has an engaging, confident and relaxed on-screen persona. Her experience as a presenter allows her to adapt effortlessly to any situation as well as bringing a fresh, creative eye when needed. I’d highly recommend Emma Jane." - Brian, TV Training

Silvia Garcia

Silvia Garcia, an expert in behavioural science and former Director of Global Marketing at Coca-Cola, excels as a speaker for Stress Awareness Day. With a deep understanding of positive leadership and its application in enhancing employee wellbeing, her insights into happiness and behaviour are invaluable. Book Silvia to explore how these elements transform business environments and personal success.

Official Speaker Feedback:

"We loved Silvia’s pose. Super interesting content, featuring surprising and relevant stories for our audience. Silvia is one of those lecturers that everyone in the world loves to listen to. Your energy, optimism and vision are contagious and the audience is always filed with inspiration, ideas and practical examples." - Rosa, Head of External Communications, L’Oreal Spain & Portugal

Ife Thomas

Ife Thomas, renowned motivational speaker and former X Factor dancer, harnesses her rich life experiences for Stress Awareness Day. Transitioning from entertainment to corporate leadership, and later to mental health advocacy, Ife expertly blends her past hardships and victories to empower others. Her engaging talks on resilience and mental wellness inspire audiences, encouraging them to foster healthier, more mindful lives.

Official Speaker Feedback:

"Just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to Ife for her time today. Her presentation was so inspiring - she made it so personal by talking about her own story and I think we all walked away with the inspiration to work better together as a team and grow ourselves as individuals. Please do pass along our appreciation." - Julia, We-Worldwide

Bill Benjamin

Bill Benjamin is a renowned speaker on emotional intelligence, expertly addressing the impact of stress on leadership and performance. His keynote speeches, enriched with personal anecdotes and a scientific approach, captivate audiences by illustrating how the brain operates under pressure. Bill’s background in business development and his roles with prestigious organisations enhance his credibility, making him a compelling presenter for Stress Awareness Day.

Official Speaker Feedback:

"I loved that your session on Reputation was backed with research and was very interesting. I truly like how you make information easy to understand and provided useful tools I can put into action. You also had great presentation skills, voice, projection, tone, pace and kept people engaged!" - TD Bank

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