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Brexit, the UK's historic withdrawal from the EU, was effective from 31 January 2020 and transformed legal, economic and political landscapes. Creating an unprecedented shift in European and global dynamics, Brexit marked the UK's separation from the EU after being a member since 1973. Our roster of Brexit keynote speakers are sought after for their insights into this complex geopolitical shift, its impact on international relations and the evolving consequences of this move. 

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Brexit, representing the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union, was a pivotal moment in global politics. Finalised on the 31st January 2020, it followed a 2016 referendum where 51.9% of people favoured leaving the EU - equating to a staggering 17,410,742 votes. Marking the end of the UK's 47-year membership of the EU, Brexit brought substantial changes in economic, legal and diplomatic spheres. In light of such a geopolitical shift, countless Brexit experts emerged - hired as Brexit keynote speakers to decipher the complex political event. Brexit guest speakers offer expert analysis on the ramifications of Brexit, ensuring audiences of their keynote speeches grasp the nuances of the EU-UK relations post-Brexit. If you are looking to better understand the challenges and opportunities of Brexit or navigate the new landscape of trade and immigration post-Brexit, hire a Brexit speaker today!

Brexit has significantly altered the UK's economic, political and social landscape - impacting trade, laws and international relations. With such a pivotal geopolitical shift having happened, people globally must understand the ramifications of Brexit. This is where an expert Brexit guest speaker steps in to contextualise the complexity of leaving the EU, educating audiences in 2024 and beyond on the continued impact of Brexit.

What is Brexit?

Brexit, a blend of "Britain" and "Exit", defines the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union. This significant change, culminating in a new set of rules governing how the UK and EU interact, has fundamentally altered trade, work and living conditions between them. Brexit officially took effect on the 31st of January 2020, following the 2016 referendum where 51.9% of people voted to leave the European Union.

What Does Brexit Mean for UK Citizens?

For UK citizens, Brexit has brought notable changes in travel, healthcare, pet transport, driving in Europe, mobile roaming and business travel to the EU. Passports must have at least six months' validity and be less than 10 years old for EU travel, with a visa waiver system incoming. Healthcare rights are largely preserved, but travel insurance remains essential. Pet travel is more complex, requiring health certificates and checks. Driving in the EU may need additional documentation like International Driving Permits and insurance green cards. Free mobile roaming has ended, with some operators reintroducing charges. Business travel now requires awareness of varying visa and work permit requirements in different EU states.

Source: Institute for Government

Why Should a Brexit Speaker Be Hired?

Hiring Brexit guest speakers provides invaluable insights into the intricate implications of the UK's exit from the EU. They offer expert perspectives on the complex changes in legal, economic and political landscapes, helping audiences navigate and understand the challenges and opportunities arising from this unprecedented geopolitical shift. Many of The Motivational Speakers Agency's experts on politics can contextualise the impact of Brexit on the UK and globally, and if you are in need of guidance on who the best speakers to hire are, take a look at our expert selection of the 10 Politics Speakers Ideal for Conferences!

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