Mental Health Speakers

With 1 in 4 of the British public experiencing a mental health problem every single year, mental health speakers are needed now more than ever. Businesses, academic institutions and organisations around the UK and the rest of the world are beginning to place greater emphasis on creating a better environment for those around them.

Hire Expert Mental Health Speakers For Events

A keynote speech on mental health can kick start a conversation, enabling those in attendance to input on strategies to improve the wider mental wellbeing of an entire team. Speeches, workshops, seminars, fireside chats and training can play a pivotal role in equipping staff, students and others to deal with items that might bring on issues, thus minimising the chance of mental health problems and maximising happiness in the workplace. Whatever format you choose when hosting an event with mental health speakers on stage, the benefits can be truly significant.

As a byproduct of an employee being happy and motivated in the workplace, better productivity and performance is proven to result. In a 2016 study by the Mental Health Foundation, it was estimated that investment into mental health workshops, seminars, questionnaires and support can cost around £80 per employee. In the same study, they estimated that a business with 500 employees would spend an initial £40,000 but gain a return of £347,722 in savings due to reduced presenteeism (lost productivity when an employee works whilst ill) and absenteeism (missing work due to ill health).

Mental health experts can offer valuable consultancy advice on best practice for optimising your team's mental health initiatives, as well as provide the best support for employees to maximise mental wellbeing in the workplace. At The Motivational Speakers Agency, we work with celebrity mental health speakers, coaches and experts in the UK and abroad who are renowned in the field, and can ensure motivation, performance and happiness remains high.

We can deliver the services of a top mental health keynote speaker who offer advice in line with years of consultancy experience. We can also offer the services of motivational or celebrity mental health speakers who have overcome adversity at the highest levels and under extreme pressure. You can tap into the stories of those who have battled their problems with such illnesses as anxiety, depression and addiction and learn from those who are empowering others to speak out and get the support that they need.

The input of psychologists, experts, mental health advocates and famous faces whose struggles resonate with the worlds of many, can prove a useful tool in the battle against mental health problems - speaking out and sharing such experiences is what unites us all.

Whether you are looking for mental health speakers for schools, organisations or businesses, invest in your people and reap the benefits that come with increased happiness and motivation today!

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