Mental Health Speakers

Mental health, crucial for overall wellbeing, encompasses our emotional, psychological and social welfare. Keynote speakers specialising in mental health are hired to enlighten and inspire audiences, offering expert insights and strategies to foster resilience, understanding and awareness about mental health issues, thereby contributing to healthier, more supportive environments in various settings.

Hire Expert Mental Health Speakers For Events

As of January 2024, mental health concerns are increasingly prominent, with 1.89 million individuals engaged with mental health services. Alarmingly, in 2023, 20% of children aged 8 to 16 exhibited mental health disorders, highlighting a growing youth mental health crisis. In light of these stark statistics, hiring a mental health guest speaker serves a vital purpose, with such speakers destigmatising mental health issues. Mental health keynote speakers also play a critical role in advocating for better support systems and fostering a culture of understanding and empathy. When looking to educate, raise awareness and destigmatise mental health, hire a mental health speaker today!

Why is it Important to Talk About Mental Health?

Discussing mental health openly is crucial. Everyone has unique experiences with mental wellbeing, and fostering direct, compassionate conversations is key. Asking and respecting how individuals prefer to talk about their mental health encourages openness, reduces stigma and promotes understanding. Avoiding harmful or gossip-like talk respects others' experiences, fostering a more supportive environment for all.

Source: Mental Health Foundation

How Can I Be an Advocate for Mental Health?

To advocate for mental health, one must actively listen to others' concerns, provide guidance on options and rights or offer information for informed decisions. Advocates can facilitate communication with relevant parties, offer support in meetings and ensure the person’s voice is heard and respected, creating a supportive and understanding environment. Alternatively, you can show your support through the countless awareness days for mental health that are held annually. Though support should not be limited to a few days a year, some of the powerful mental health events that take place are Mental Health Awareness Week, Time to Talk Day, Children's Mental Health Week, Stress Awareness Month and World Mental Health Day.

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Who are the Top Motivational Mental Health Speakers to Hire?

The Motivational Speakers Agency work with the most supportive and empowering mental health speakers on the global speaking circuit, all of whom share their personal and emotive narratives surrounding mental health. Inspiring change, breaking down stigma and providing practical strategies for mental wellness, a mental health speaker is a must when looking to foster inclusive and safe spaces in 2024 and beyond. To discover who the top speakers on mental health are, browse The Motivational Speakers Agency's expertly crafted selection of the Top 16 Mental Health Awareness Week Speakers Ranked by Popularity or our hand-crafted collection of the Top 15 Mental Health, Resilience & Wellbeing Speakers.

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