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Globalisation and digitalisation have made the working environment increasingly complex and turbulent as a result of more competition and frequent changes to the workplace. This has placed increasing pressures on those in employment and has brought an array of adversities for them to overcome. It is, therefore, more important than ever for organisations to equip their staff with tools and techniques to overcome workplace adversity.

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Everyone will face at least one major traumatic experience in their lifetime which may leave them with severe psychological trauma. This phenomenon has been further exacerbated by major global events, which have led to hardships for people and a sharp rise in psychological distress. It is, therefore, highly beneficial for organisations to seek the advice of experts to help equip their employees with the ability to develop their psychological resilience.

At the Motivational Speakers Agency, we have leading speakers on overcoming adversity, who can help your employees develop their resilience and perform at a higher level.

To combat the dynamic work environment, organisations need to invest in developing their employee’s resilience. Workplace resilience is a strategically important factor for the success, growth, and survival of an organisation. Frequent and prolonged adversity negatively impacts mental health and can result in heightened anxiety, depression, and stress. These factors severely impact workplace performance due to an increase in sickness and absences. It is, therefore, no surprise that overcoming adversity is a key theme for speaking engagements.

Over Coming Adversity FAQs

Our speakers can help your employee’s overcome adversity by teaching them to quickly shift from the cause thinking stage, which is where most people usually spend too much time, to the response stage, where they can plan a course of action to overcome that adversity.

What is workplace adversity?

Workplace adversity can be defined as a negative phenomenon or event experienced at work or related to work that makes it difficult for workers to perform and retain their jobs and to feel comfortable, satisfied, and happy in their place of work.

How can you overcome adversity?

The secret to overcoming adversity lies in resilience. Resilience is an individual’s ability to maintain or regain their mental health in the face of significant adversity. Our speakers can provide your employees with tools and techniques to develop their mental resilience.

How do people deal with adversity?

Some people can develop resilience to minor adversities through practice and repetition. However, they may suffer significant psychological distress ranging from anxiety to depression in situations they perceive to be overwhelming. Our speakers have developed problem-solving frameworks that can aid your employees in breaking down the most complex adversity, into manageable pieces. They can then develop an action plan that will allow them to overcome that adversity.

What are the benefits to workplace resilience?

There are several strategic benefits to workplace resilience including better work performance, flexibility, agility, and adaptability, all of which are crucial elements for optimal organisational performance in a dynamic business environment.

How can a speaker improve workplace resilience?

Our speakers are exceptionally knowledgeable in their field, in addition to providing tools and techniques for your employees to take away from a session, they can also provide anecdotes where they have overcome major adversities, in the process inspiring your employees to act.

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