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Organisational behaviour aims to uncover why and how people act in certain ways in an organisational setting, covering group dynamics, motivation, communication and more. With backgrounds in psychology, business and academic research, organisational behaviour guest speakers have a wealth of expertise to navigate complex workplace behaviours.

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Organisational behaviour studies how individuals and groups interact within organisations, encompassing various aspects like leadership, team dynamics, motivation, communication and workplace culture. Understanding these elements is crucial for improving workplace efficiency, employee satisfaction and overall organisational effectiveness - with the statistic that highly engaged employees achieve 21% greater profitability underscoring the importance of understanding organisational behaviour. Intersecting psychology, sociology and management theories, organisational behaviour guest speakers invigorate teams with fresh insights on workplace dynamics. Hire an organisational behaviour keynote speaker today to improve productivity and foster a healthier organisational culture in 2024 and beyond.

What Are the Four Elements of Organisational Behaviour?

Research has demonstrated that the below four key elements contribute to human behaviour in the workplace: 

  • People
  • Technology 
  • Structure
  • External Environments

Source: Forbes

What Are the Four Models of Organisational Behaviour?

There are primarily four models of organisational behaviour, which are:

  • Autocratic - authority & obedience
  • Supportive - leadership & decision-making 
  • Custodial - security & benefits
  • Collegial - partnership & teamwork

These models assist in the prediction and management of human behaviours in the workplace, forming the foundations of workplace culture.

Source: StudySmarter 

Why is it Important to Understand Organisational Behaviour?

Understanding organisational behaviour is essential for creating effective, cohesive work environments. It helps in identifying and addressing employee needs, fostering teamwork and enhancing communication. This knowledge leads to better leadership, improved employee satisfaction and higher productivity. It also aids in adapting to change and resolving conflicts, ensuring organisational success. With 95% of failures attributed to poor people skills, it's evident that success hinges on effectively managing interpersonal dynamics. Mastering organisational behaviour equips leaders with the tools to navigate and enhance these interactions, crucial for preventing such failures.

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