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Millennial and Generation Z speakers can offer an insight into the tech-driven, entrepreneurially motivated, compassionate generations. At the forefront of advancing industries like computing, media and design, by understanding these generations you can gain an insight into the future of business.

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Millennial and Generation Z speakers are experts of the future. Born during an era of monumental shift, both generations have grown to become leaders in technology, media and design. They are representatives of the turning century, symbolising the explosion of digital industries.

Differing from previous generations, both Gen Z and Millennials can be categorised by their accepting nature, awareness of technology and passion for raising their voice against injustice. Passionate about personal development, driven for success and filled to the brim with innovative ideas, they have become key figures in societal advancement, both in and out of the workplace.

Speakers specialising in these generations are rewriting the sometimes negative narrative employed by the media. They believe that Millennials aren’t “killing the diamond industry”, instead, they are developing more environmentally sustainable methods of production. A common trend in the media is to define Millennials and Gen Z as lazy, sensitive or distracted. However, experts on the generations know what this really means. These generations can think fast on their feet, they want to apply themselves to meaningful goals and can empathise with social issues.

Experts of the generation are quick to point out their quick adaptability and unique thought processes. As the first digital generations, Gen Z and Millennials have developed new methods of communication by taking advantage of the technology they have on hand, creating a more connected planet. Many Gen Z and Millennials put more emphasis on employee wellbeing than driving empty profits, in response to their heightened awareness for empathy.

In the workplace, they are regarded as better multi-taskers, quick thinking and can keep up with modern communication methods.

Despite being born decades apart, both Millennials and Gen Z are at the forefront of the future. Speakers on the subject have extensive knowledge of the generations, whether from first-hand experience or because they have dedicated their lives to understanding the unique traits that separate them from Gen X or Baby Boomers.

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