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Event themes like sustainability and the environment are integral to our planet’s future. It is up to each business and organisation to make meaningful changes, from the office to the supply chain and beyond. Sustainability and environment speakers offer powerful guidance on eco-friendly business practices, influenced by their transformational careers in science, politics, adventuring and more.

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Speakers on sustainability are in high demand, as more organisations than ever are looking towards a greener future.

Corporate leaders regularly turn to sustainability experts to achieve carbon-neutral status, as their practical, solution-driven advice produces visible results. Available to book through The Motivational Speakers Agency, our environmental speakers can supply advice on carbon neutrality, ESG investing and more.

Sustainable services and products are quickly becoming the new norm, and for good reason. A study by Garnier found that 73% of UK consumers wish to live more sustainably, indicating the market potential for environmentally friendly businesses.

Revealing how to become a sustainable, ESG-certified business, the powerful speakers featured below will fuel your passion for the planet.

What is a simple definition of sustainability?

Sustainability is about balance. When discussing the environment, it defines a circular process of repurposing social, economic and environmental resources, like electricity and water. To be sustainable, consumers and businesses alike must be eco-conscious to reduce their CO2 emissions and waste.      

Why is sustainability important in business?

In business, sustainability is important for two reasons - environmental and financial. As consumer standards evolve, unsustainable brands will be left behind, as customers favour more sustainable options. The topic is also important as businesses are driving climate change, so must make meaningful changes to decelerate global warming.  

What are the pillars of corporate sustainability?

The four pillars of corporate sustainability are social, human, economic and environmental. Sustainability is an all-encompassing issue that requires eco-alternatives to be accessible and affordable to all in society – businesses must play their part in this. The four pillars combine to create the corporate infrastructure required for a sustainable society.  

What does a sustainability expert offer corporate clients?

A sustainability expert is hired to share their knowledge at corporate conferences and workshops. With experience in sustainability, their guidance focuses on a business’ areas for improvement, like excessive waste or non-renewable energy use. From there, the business can implement the advice and become part of the sustainable revolution, appealing to consumers and aiding the planet.  

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