International Women's Day Speakers

Celebrated by millions across the world, International Women’s Day takes place on the 8th of March each year focusing on advocating for women’s rights. With a roster of many female leaders and experts, The Motivational Speakers Agency provide you with options of speakers tailored to your business or event.

Hire Inspirational International Women's Day Speakers For IWD Events

First honoured back in 1911 by the Socialist Party of America, International Women's Day now holds significant meaning across the globe and is celebrated by millions. Determined to create a world of gender-equality, International Women’s Day recognises the incredible achievements and contributions that women have made to the world over the course of history. The occasion is also an avenue to raise awareness of the gender bias that is still unfortunately present in society today.

The Motivational Speakers Agency is honoured to host a multitude of inspirational, motivational and powerful female speakers who embody the spirit of such an important day in their public speeches. Empowering female figures, our speakers champion the missions of International Women’s Day, helping women to feel appreciated in technology, sport, creativity, the workplace and in health decisions.

Striking audiences with messages of power and passion, our incredible female speakers make for truly special events. Whether they are stamping out gender inequality, raising awareness of women’s rights or showing support of achievements made by women, these speakers will be a hit with all audiences.

Despite the leaps and bounds made in accordance with women’s rights, inequality is still a prominent problem that society faces. In a world where 2.7 billion women still don’t have the same professional opportunities as males and women still earn 78% of what men are paid, it is more important than ever to champion women’s rights on International Women’s Day. No matter what your International Women’s Day event encompasses, whether it be celebrating the achievements they have made over history or empowering them to make more, The Motivational Speakers Agency have a speaker perfect for your event.

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