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Defined as the effect of changes in fundamental expectations and behaviours in a market or culture that is caused by digital capabilities, digital disruption is something that thousands of people across the globe have to navigate each and every day. Our roster of knowledgeable and insightful digital disruption speakers put the complexities of the ever-changing digital landscape into perspective, highlighting how technological advancements will shape and change the future. Browse our roster of digital disruption speakers today and contact us to book!

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Defined as the effect that changes in digital capabilities have on fundamental expectations and behaviours in culture and markets, digital disruption is shaping the future. In order to advance with the times, companies across the globe have to navigate digital disruption and take into consideration how it will shape their industry, with 70% of companies already having a digital transformation strategy in place. A fantastic way to gain a better understanding of digital disruption is by booking a digital disruption speaker, who puts the complexities of the ever-changing digital landscape into perspective to make businesses future technology ready.

With 40% of executives saying that digital transformation improves operational efficiency, make sure you increase business efficiency with knowledge and action on digital disruption. A great way to gain more knowledge on how to cope with digital disruption, is by hiring a digital disruption speaker! Industry thought-leaders, our speakers have experienced and orchestrated digital disruption.

What Is Digital Disruption?

Digital disruption refers to the transformative change in industries, markets or processes precipitated by emerging digital technologies and innovative business models. It signifies the impact of these novel technologies and models on the value of established products and services, necessitating a fundamental re-evaluation. This disruption alters core expectations and behaviours within a specific culture, market or industry, manifesting through or being driven by digital capabilities, channels or assets. Essentially, it highlights the shift and challenges imposed by digital innovation on conventional business practices and consumer expectations, leading to a redefinition of market dynamics and operational strategies.

Source: Oxford College of Marketing & Gartner

What Is An Example of Digital Disruption?

A famous example of digital disruption is the introduction of streaming platforms such as Netflix. This new digital platform disrupted the film and television industry, as it allowed users to digitally stream films rather than having to go to the cinema or to video rental shops to purchase them. Netflix disrupted the industry so much, that many DVD stores such as Blockbuster went out of business, and they are continuing to disrupt the entertainment industry today.


Who are the Top Digital Disruption Speakers to Hire?

The best digital disruption speakers to hire are those who have personally experienced or orchestrated disruption and digital transformation in their respective industries. With a proven track record in digital transformation, digital disruption speakers offer insights into emerging trends, strategies for adaptation and real-world examples of navigating disruptive technological changes. For guidance on who the top speakers to hire for your 2024 digital disruption-themed conference are, either contact The Motivational Speakers Agency or take recommendations from our expert selection of the Official Top 17 Digital Disruption Speakers to Book!

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