Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Speakers

ESG focuses on a company's environmental, social and governance impacts, integrating these factors into business operations and models for sustainable impact. Keynote speakers on ESG are hired to enlighten and guide organisations in implementing effective ESG practices, ensuring they align with contemporary standards of ethical and sustainable business conduct. 

Hire Expert Environmental, Social & Governance Speakers For ESG Events

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a key framework for evaluating a company's impact on the world, central to over 1/4 of global investors' strategies. With 90% of S&P 500 companies reporting on ESG, its importance is undeniable, especially given Europe's dominance with 83% of ESG assets. ESG keynote speakers are essential, providing expert insights and strategies to integrate these practices effectively. Their role is critical in aligning corporate actions with ethical, sustainable standards, influencing positive change and ensuring businesses meet the increasing demand for responsible investment and operation in 2024's globally conscious market. Hire an ESG guest speaker to understand more about this complex subject!

What is ESG?

ESG encompasses a business's environmental impact, societal contributions and governance transparency, focusing on integrating ethical practices into operations and models to enhance sustainability and corporate responsibility.


The environmental element of ESG assesses how a business minimises its ecological footprint. It scrutinises energy usage, waste and pollution management, resource conservation and animal treatment. This criterion evaluates environmental risks, regulatory compliance and proactive measures like using renewable energy, developing eco-friendly products, adopting sustainable packaging, reducing emissions and enhancing recycling initiatives.


The social aspect of ESG evaluates how a business impacts society and its workplace culture, focusing on employee health, safety and fairness. It involves ensuring product safety, data security, preventing supply chain abuses and promoting workforce diversity and inclusivity. Social criteria also include community investment, like funding educational projects, highlighting a commitment to ethical practices and societal betterment.


Governance in ESG refers to the ethical, transparent decision-making and reporting processes in a business. It ensures accountability in financial performance, risk management and operations. Governance practices include preventing bribery, promoting leadership diversity and transparency in executive pay. Good governance appeals to investors, aids supply chain relations and supports business growth.

Source: British Business Bank & The Corporate Governance Institute

Why is ESG Important?

ESG is vital as it guides companies in operating sustainably and ethically, influencing long-term profitability and societal impact. By prioritising environmental care, social responsibility and robust governance, businesses align with global sustainability goals, earn investor trust and contribute positively to society, securing their relevance and success in a rapidly evolving world.

Why Should an ESG Speaker be Hired & Who Are the Top ESG Keynote Speakers to Hire?

Hiring an ESG guest speaker is crucial, as 89% of investors consider ESG issues in their decisions. These experts provide invaluable insights into integrating sustainable practices, aligning business strategies with investor expectations and navigating the complexities of ESG criteria, essential for companies to remain competitive and socially responsible in the current market.

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