Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Speakers

ESG is one of the most pressing topics of the 21st century. Used to describe Environmental, Social, and Governance investing, the term separates the moral and sustainable businesses from the rest, through a rating system. ESG speakers are regularly booked to discuss this complex topic, shining a light on the future of corporate investment, workplace culture and climate change.

Hire Expert Environmental, Social & Governance Speakers For ESG Events

ESG speakers are at the forefront of the environmental revolution, as their practical balance of business profitability and sustainable practices leads to transformative results. The term is used to define the ideal business, whose practices, environmental impact and workplace culture align with the ethical expectations of consumers. Such factors make highly rated companies more attractive to investors.

When booked for events, ESG speakers reveal the inner workings of the industry, to educate businesses and arm investors with the knowledge needed to identify sustainable companies. More consumers than ever are aligning their morals with their pockets, making it increasingly important for businesses to prioritise ethical practices in their customer engagement strategies.

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To hire an ESG speaker, such as Google’s Sustainability Officer Kate Brandt or former Foreign Secretary on Energy and Resource Security David Howell, contact The Motivational Speakers Agency. Our wide range of speakers are the perfect addition to your event, as their experience of transforming business’ sustainability and academic knowledge of economics makes them industry experts.

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