Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers present a level of expertise to a conference that serves to further the understanding of those in attendance. Inspiring and entertaining audience members in equal measure, a keynote address can make any conference count. With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, keynote speakers have become an essential part to motivating staff and audiences.

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Decades of experience working with international keynote speakers as well as blue-chip companies and organisations has taught us what event organisers value most. Our expert team spend each day dealing with speakers and brands to align their requirements. Providing recommendations and adhering to the budget and brief of our clients is what we do. And it is what has made us one of the leading motivational speakers agencies in the UK and beyond.

Having successfully provided speakers to 43 countries around the world, our team service over 3000 events each and every year. This includes at global summits, trade shows, corporate events and conferences, as well as university lectures, gala dinners and team building events. Understanding that the speaking industry is forever changing, we make sure our list of keynote speakers is constantly up to date adding new and on-trend speakers at all times.

1000s of Keynote Speakers For Hire

Featuring keynote speakers from a vast array of fields, we can connect your brand with the finest authorities from technology, finance, futurism, politics, business, exploration, sustainability, sales and more. See our speakers below.

What is a keynote speaker?

A keynote speaker is an event orator who adds structure, expertise and supports the central themes of a conference. They are industry experts and represent their profession or field of study. Keynote speakers unpack an event’s theme through their unique understanding, to leave audiences with a new perspective.

How do keynote speakers differ from other speakers?

Unlike after dinner or guest speakers, keynote speakers attend events to educate first and entertain second. These experts are defined by their cutting-edge knowledge, which positions them above other industry figures and drives ticket sales at events. A keynote speaker’s value stems from their insight.

How long does a keynote speech last?

Keynote speeches comprehensively explore a specific belief or theme. Such in-depth detail requires adequate time, so most keynote speeches are between 45 and 60 minutes. Anything under 20 minutes is considered too short, as it limits the speaker’s talking points and could risk missing important details.

What makes a good keynote speaker?

Keynote speakers are experts in their profession or field of study, and often generate excitement from audiences when booked for events. These speakers are industry pioneers, allowing them to talk extensively on a specific topic with confidence and eloquence.

What does a keynote speaker talk about?

A keynote speaker can talk on whichever topic they are considered an expert. From finance and technology to sales and marketing, there is a vast range of speakers available, suitable for most conference themes. A keynote speaker is an authority on whichever topic your event requires.

How much does a keynote speaker cost?

There is no single price when booking a keynote speaker. However, as they are experts in their field, these speakers can cost from hundreds to thousands of pounds, with award-winners and bestselling authors potentially costing more. A speaker’s price can depend on their experience, preferences and the travel and accommodation required to attend your event.

How do I book a keynote speaker?

To book a keynote speaker, most people either hire someone independently or use a speakers agency. There are commonly no extra costs to using a bureau, as the service fee is charged to the speaker upon payment. A booking agent will supply their industry knowledge and manage the booking on the client’s behalf, saving time.

Booking one of our knowledgeable keynote speakers could not be simpler. Once you have browsed through our website and decided on who you think would give your event a great boost, call us on 0207 0787 876 where a member of our team will be on hand to facilitate your request. Alternatively, you can complete our online booking form and we will get back to you.