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Artificial intelligence is one of the many fantastic digital transformations of the modern world, with more and more aspects of life developing uses for artificial intelligence. From maps and facial detection to social media and e-payments, artificial intelligence is radically improving various industries and will shape the future forevermore. If you want to learn more about artificial intelligence, book one of our artificial intelligence speakers today!

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In recent years, there has been an immense 270% growth in businesses adopting artificial intelligence, emphasising the importance of this exciting technological advancement. Defined as the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, artificial intelligence can now be seen in day to day life – from e-payments to facial recognition and speech recognition. As the field of artificial intelligence ever changes, enhance your knowledge of this important technology by booking an artificial intelligence speaker today.

With only 7% of companies not using AI, this technology is a crucial factor of a future-proof business. With 54% of executives saying that implementing AI in the workplace has increased productivity, artificial intelligence is only going to become more prevalent in society. In order to develop and grow as a business, it is vitally important to pay attention to digital disruption and transformation. A great way to do so, is by booking an artificial intelligence speaker who will put the complexities of this human-like technology into perspective.

With many experts on artificial intelligence on our roster, from the developers of Siri to the world’s most intelligent social humanoid robot, let our experts guide you on how to use artificial intelligence to excel in your industry.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is defined as the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, in particular computer systems. Mimicking human intelligence, machines perform tasks and iteratively improve themselves through the information they collect. AI is intended to significantly enhance human capabilities.

What is The AI Act & Why Has It Been Passed?

The AI Act, a pioneering legal framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI), marks a significant stride in global AI regulation, primarily focusing on ensuring trustworthy and ethical AI development - announced on the 13th of March 2024. Its objective is to balance clear guidelines for AI developers and users, particularly benefiting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with the protection of fundamental rights and safety. As part of the broader EU strategy, which includes the AI Innovation Package and the Coordinated Plan on AI, this act aims to safeguard individual and business interests while fostering AI innovation and investment within the EU.

Acknowledging the rapid growth and influence of AI, the act addresses concerns about bias, privacy and broader societal impacts. By categorising AI systems based on risk and tailoring oversight accordingly, it promotes a "human-centric" approach. MEP Dragos Tudorache emphasises this as a new governance model, with the Act serving as a foundational step for future AI regulation. This initiative positions the EU as a leader in managing AI-related risks and ensuring that AI technologies are reliable and beneficial for society.

Who Are the Top Artificial Intelligence Speakers to Hire?

If you are looking for guidance on who the best speakers to hire are, take a look at our official selection of the 16 World-Leading Expert Artificial Intelligence Speakers to Hire! Alternatively, if you are looking for a more extensive range of artificial intelligence experts visit our sister site, The AI Speakers Agency, and browse their roster of expert keynote speakers on artificial intelligence today! 

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