Boxing Speakers

Bringing their anecdotes of their time in the ring and on the big-stage, our incredible roster of boxing speakers ensure there is somebody for event. From world title winners, to some of the best trainers in the sport, boxing speakers truly do make your event a knock-out. 

Make Your Event A Knockout

The world's favourite combat sport, boxing provides excitement and unpredictability. From the pre-match face-offs to the knock out blows, the wild celebrations to the heavyweight bouts - there is no doubt about boxings ability to enthral.

Now, providing access to the biggest names in boxing history, The Motivational Speakers Agency can arrange for the most engaging boxing speakers around to feature at your events. Featuring stars who have lit up the ring in World Championship, Olympic and Commonwealth boxing, we ensure that all business and sporting events are catered for.

Whether you wish for insight into the rigorous preparations that go into a major fight or wish to understand the mindset of the top fighters, your team can gain valuable insight into such themes as mental resilience, peak performance, drive, determination, self-discipline, overcoming adversity and dealing with pressure.

Whatever your conference goals, our expert team can hook you up with the biggest personalities, promoters, stars and challengers from the boxing circle. Ensuring your event is a knockout every time, the world's top boxing speakers can motivate your team to reach even the most far-reaching of goals.

A multitude of motivational stories lies at the heart of a boxer's speeches. Whether you're after insight into pre-match rituals, personal growth or interactions, the finest speakers on the sport can hold an audience in the palm of their hand. Book a World Champion, promoter, commentator, analyst or pundit and make your corporate events, sporting functions, award ceremonies, sports dinners, gala dinners and more stand out today.


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