Fireside Chat Speakers

Looking to use the popular fireside chat format at your corporate event? Here at The Motivational Speakers Agency, we put you in touch with expert moderators and speakers capable of bringing your event the perfect balance.

Book An Engaging Fireside Chat Speaker For Your Next Fireside Chat

The fireside chat has evolved from a useful means of sharing opinions and ideas with a wider audience to being the conversational setup we experience at conferences today. It is essentially a question and answers session that involves an audience, a moderator and a speaker, aimed at maximising the takeaways that the audience is able to action.

While keynote presentations are focused on the journey of a person in power and their knowledge mixed with their own industry-experiences - a fireside chat is more focused on what the people want to know. This has led to a marked increase in the use of the fireside chat format at corporate events.

A moderator should have some control over the conference narrative. The best are able to drive forward the conversation, naturally and authoritatively to ensure those in attendance gain the insight they expect to gain. Their role is to make the speaker look good and show that they are an expert worth listening to.

The fireside chat moderator controls when and how they and the audience interacts with the speaker, making them the key component to a smooth, inspirational and educational interaction. Ensuring that the purpose of fireside chats are met, the moderator is active pre-event and proactive throughout the event, adapting their questions to the changing face of the conference.

A great guest speaker or keynote speaker is also required to make a fireside chat a memorable one. The beauty of this format lies in the fact that you have a wider pool of speakers available to you. While with a keynote speech you are limited to those who have one to give, with a question and answer session, you can speak to any willing expert. This means very few people are off-limits. Though, it is best to book a speaker who is tried and tested in this format.

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