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Thriving at the forefront of current affairs and television, our media and journalism speakers are some of the most informed speakers on the circuit. They are well equipped to speak on the latest developments across a multitude of industries.

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Delivering the latest in current affairs and news, media speakers offer an insight to the action as it happens. Well versed in translating complex topics, such as government policy, into Layman’s terms, media and journalism speakers ensure audiences are left educated through engaging presentations. With the rapidly evolving nature of digital news, our speakers offer the opportunity to future-proof your expertise in this field.

Browse the selection of industry leading media moguls and recognisable journalists below to find the orator for your event. Whether you require an authority on PR, media correspondents, political commentary or the journalism landscape, we have a plethora of talent to book.

The Motivational Speakers Agency is proud to boast the best media and journalism speakers on the circuit. From those who have fronted award winning documentaries, to the editors behind leading publications, we work with an extensive range of speakers suited to all occasions,

Armed with a unique skillset and insight, media and journalism speakers are already established presenters across a range of platforms, ensuring they provide effortlessly engaging talks at events. Equally extensive in their knowledge, media and journalism speakers can discuss a range of essential topics including politics, economics, digitalisation, and communication.

In booking an media and journalism speaker you’re placing your event in safe hands, and guaranteeing an influential persona will be transforming your audience.

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