Tim Peake to control Earth machine from International Space Station

Tim Peake

UK astronaut Tim Peake is to take part in a seminal experiment – attempting to control a machine on Earth while in space.

Peake, who is currently stationed at the International Space Station will take part in an experiment to control a rover prototype in a giant sandpit in Stevenage, England.

The Mars Yard Test Area is located at Airbus Defence and Space and it will be the location for the test of “Bridget”, part of the European Space Agency METERON programme (Multi-Purpose End-To-End Robotic Operation Network), which is looking into operating autonomous robots from space.

Eventually, the programme could lead to an astronaut orbiting Mars and sending a rover on the ground into places it can’t reach. Peake’s experiment will drive the prototype into a dark cave to find and map targets.

If the experiment succeeds and man can in fact control a machine while on a different celestial body, it could pave the way for unprecedented new possibilities in the world of space research and exploration.

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