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Virtual and online events connect audiences globally through digital platforms, offering accessibility and convenience. Powerful guest speakers are hired for these events to provide expert insights, engage participants and enhance the overall experience, making the event more informative, interactive and memorable for attendees.

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Following the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual and online events have continued to surge in popularity, with 28.4% of organisers hosting over 10 virtual events in 2023 alone. These events eliminate venue hire and travel costs, contributing to a projected market growth of $366.5 billion by 2027, emphasising their cost-efficiency and broad reach. Hiring guest speakers for virtual and online events adds significant value by drawing larger audiences with their expertise and renown. Virtual & online event speakers can enhance the event's credibility, provide fresh perspectives and stimulate engagement, ensuring that the event remains dynamic and informative, even in a virtual setting. With the popularity of virtual and online events expected to continue to surge in 2024, secure the perfect guest speaker for your next virtual event today!

Why Are Virtual & Online Events Popular?

Virtual and online events have soared in popularity due to their simplicity in planning and built-in technology that supports seamless execution. These events eliminate travel and venue costs, making them accessible to a broader audience, including busy professionals who can participate from anywhere. The convenience, lower costs and enhanced attendee engagement through features like virtual networking lounges contribute to their appeal, ensuring a satisfying experience for all involved.

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Why Should I Hire a Guest Speaker for My Virtual or Online Event?

Hiring a guest speaker for a virtual or online event brings expertise and draws a larger audience, boosting the event’s profile. Keynote speakers enrich the content, engaging attendees with unique insights and experiences, making the event more interactive and memorable. Their presence can significantly elevate the perceived value of the event.

Who Are the Best Guest Speakers to Hire for Virtual Events?

Here at The Motivational Speakers Agency, we are experts in facilitating both virtual and in-person events. Utilising our decades of experience in matching the top motivational speakers to events of all kinds, The Motivational Speakers Agency's Director, Jack Hayes, has made his expert selection of the 10 Popular Speakers for Your Virtual Event!

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