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Diversity and inclusion encompass embracing and valuing differences across race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and neurodiversity. This approach, integral to organisational strength, is part of the broader EDI framework, which aims to meet diverse needs and promote equality in both business and societal contexts. Diversity and inclusion speakers are hired to educate and inspire cultural change, fostering inclusive environments throughout organisations and communities. 

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Diversity and inclusion are crucial, ensuring fairness in countless avenues of society - from hiring to pay and healthcare. With 52% of organisations already delivering training or meetings on EDI, passionate diversity and inclusion speakers work hard to make that statistic reach 100%. Organisations that do prioritise equity, diversity and inclusion demonstrate their commitment to creating equitable and safe working environments - with 69% of Millennials and Gen Z workers more likely to stay with an organisation that has a diverse and inclusive working environment. If you are striving to foster a diverse talent pool, enhance innovation and improve overall employee satisfaction and productivity, hire a diversity and inclusion speaker today!

What is Equity, Diversity & Inclusion?


The term "Equity" originated in the 15th century, described as the "state of being equal". Emphasising fair treatment and opportunity for all, the mission for equity has resulted in the Equality Act 2010, in which a commitment to overcoming barriers and biases to ensure individuals aren't disadvantaged based on their background or identity has been made. Equity is about taking tailored actions to ensure equal outcomes for all.


The term "Diversity" refers to the range of visible and non-visible differences among people, which includes ethnicity, gender, age, abilities, beliefs, socioeconomic status and much more. Diversity is all about not only recognising such differences but also respecting, accepting and valuing the differences. Countless studies have demonstrated the benefits of diverse workforces, from enhancing decision-making to innovative problem-solving. Diversity empowers individuals to contribute fully and authentically.


"Inclusion" defines the practice of valuing and leveraging differences among people, creating environments where everyone feels comfortable to share their perspectives and contribute authentically. It involves ensuring fair treatment, equal access and enabling individuals to achieve their full potential. An inclusive culture fosters a sense of belonging, essential for businesses and organisational effectiveness.

Source: CIPD & University of Oxford

Why is Diversity & Inclusion Important in the Workplace?

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are imperative for creating equitable and representative environments. Despite commitments to gender diversity, 42% of women still face discrimination, and 83% of transgender individuals struggle with discriminatory hiring practices. Racial diversity is equally crucial; despite legal protections, racial discrimination persists, as evidenced by the minimal representation of Black CEOs in Fortune 500 companies. For LGBTQ+ individuals, representing a diverse range of orientations and generations, underrepresentation and workplace challenges like microaggressions are significant issues. These statistics highlight the ongoing need for robust diversity and inclusion initiatives to ensure fair representation and treatment of all individuals, fostering a workplace where everyone can thrive.

Source: SAP

Who are the Best Diversity & Inclusion Speakers to Hire?

With inclusive teams being over 35% more productive, top diversity and inclusion speakers are those who have effectively championed inclusivity across various sectors. Ideal speakers are experts on EDI initiatives and influential policy changes, or those who have firsthand experience of transformed workplace cultures that foster diversity.

Throughout the year, there are various events that inspire people to pay greater attention to equity, diversity and inclusion. One of those special awareness events is National Inclusion Week. National Inclusion Week 2024 will take place from the 23rd to the 29th of September and is dedicated to inspiring inclusion in the workplace. If you are interested in celebrating National Inclusion Week, take a look at our expert selection of the 10 Best Keynote Speakers for National Inclusion Week!

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