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Taylorr Payne is the CEO and Co-Founder of SpeakerFlow. A software and coaching company geared towards helping professional speakers master the business of speaking all while learning how to sell more, serve better, and save time. 

Virtual Speaking: 10 Stats You Need To Know
Taylorr Payne
Taylorr Payne | 16th September 2020
As the industry shifts towards virtual events, I’m sure you’re facing many of the same challenges we are, here at SpeakerFlow. You might be asking questions like, “How do I know how much to charge for virtual speaking?” or “How are others in the…
How COVID-19 Has Shaped The Way Speakers Use Technology
Taylorr Payne
Taylorr Payne | 05th August 2020
In recent months, professional speakers have seen an unprecedented upheaval of the speaking industry as a whole. Starting in winter 2020, events were canceled, contracts were put on pause, and many speakers were suddenly looking at empty calendars.…