The Best International Astronaut Keynote Speakers to Hire in 2024

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There are several lessons to learn from astronauts. When astronauts take the stage at keynote events, they bring with them a wealth of knowledge that extends far beyond the technicalities of space travel. Their intense training and unique experiences teach us about resilience, adaptability, and the importance of mental and physical self-care. Astronauts exemplify the power of teamwork and emotional regulation in overcoming challenges, not just in space, but in everyday life. Their stories inspire us to approach life with the same courage, discipline, and forward-thinking mindset.

Source: Psychology Today

If you are looking to hire an astronaut keynote speaker, who has countless inspiring stories and lessons to share, take a look at our amazing roster of astronaut keynote speakers.

Here are the Best International Astronaut Keynote Speakers to Hire in 2024:

1. Tim Peake

Tim Peake, a British and ESA astronaut, has had an illustrious career that stretches beyond the confines of our planet. His journey into space, where he became the first British ESA astronaut and the second to bear the UK flag on his suit, has made him an international icon. Beyond his remarkable achievements in space, including conducting the first British spacewalk, Tim is also celebrated for his compelling storytelling and ability to inspire others.

As a motivational and peak performance keynote speaker, he draws on his experiences in the International Space Station, his adventurous spirit, and his 18-year military career to encourage others to pursue their dreams. Tim influences as a role model, bestselling author, and ambassador, promoting science, exploration, and achievement. His retirement from active service has not dimmed his impact; as a speaker, he remains one of the most sought-after, using his adventures to motivate and entertain audiences around the globe.

2. Ariane Cornell

Ariane Cornell, Vice President of In-Space Systems at Blue Origin’s career spans significant achievements in aerospace and defence, advocating for international space policy while steering innovative business growth. Her roles, including Executive Director of the Space Generation Advisory Council, highlight her leadership and influence in shaping space policy and innovation.

Recognised for her contributions with awards from the Forté Foundation, the International Astronautical Foundation, and being named a Young Space Leader, Ariane is a compelling keynote speaker. Her presentations are not just lectures but engaging narratives that offer a visionary perspective on space exploration’s future, business integration, and technology’s role, making her an influential figure in the aerospace dialogue.

3. Charles Bolden

Charles Bolden’s distinguished career, spanning over five decades in the realms of aerospace, science, military, and technology, has been marked by his remarkable contributions and service. As a keynote speaker, Charles draws upon his extensive experiences, from his valorous military service in the United States Marine Corps, where he attained the rank of Major General, to his pivotal roles within NASA, including his tenure as NASA Administrator appointed by President Barack Obama.

Charles' ability to weave his daring military endeavours with his groundbreaking space explorations into compelling narratives not only captivates but also inspires audiences. Through his talks, Charles imparts wisdom on leadership, innovation, and the importance of a steadfast commitment to exploring new frontiers, making him a venerated figure whose influence extends far beyond the spheres of military and aerospace.

4. Helen Sharman

Helen Sharman stands as a monumental figure in space exploration and women's empowerment. In 1991, she shattered the glass ceiling as the first British astronaut and the first European woman in space, chosen from over 13,000 applicants for Project Juno. Her pioneering mission aboard the Soyuz TM-11 and the Mir Space Station spanned an impressive eight days, during which she conducted crucial experiments and photographed the British Isles from space.

Beyond her space endeavours, Helen has become a beacon of inspiration and leadership as a keynote speaker, sharing her groundbreaking journey and the skills honed during her astronaut career. As an author, honorary fellow, and advocate for science education, Helen Sharman's legacy transcends her space mission, embodying leadership and empowerment for women worldwide.

Official Testimonial for Helen Sharman:

"It's not every day you get to talk to the first British astronaut!! As well as tackling more serious questions with wise and insightful answers, we were able to have a chuckle about the lighter side of space. Helen left a truly wonderful impression. Not just with my organisation, but with our audience as a whole. We can't wait to get the chance to talk to her again" - The Armagh Observatory and Planetarium

5. Kayla Barron

Kayla Barron epitomises the pinnacle of ambition and achievement in aerospace and military leadership. A distinguished member of SpaceX Crew-3 Expedition 66/67, her 177 days aboard the International Space Station as a flight engineer highlight her exceptional endurance and technical prowess. Before her odyssey in space, Kayla cultivated her leadership skills in the Navy, breaking barriers as one of the first women in submarine service.

As a motivational keynote speaker, Kayla shares her profound experiences from the depths of the ocean to the expanse of space, embodying the essence of female leadership and pioneering spirit. Her narrative is a powerful testament to breaking conventions, pursuing dreams with relentless determination, and the importance of resilience and teamwork. Kayla Barron’s journey, from the Naval Academy to the cosmos, inspires future generations to explore the unknown, advocating for perseverance and the pursuit of excellence in every endeavour.

6. Sian Proctor

Dr. Sian Proctor is a remarkable figure in the realms of space exploration, science, and advocacy for diversity and inclusion. Notably, she made history as the first Black woman to pilot a spacecraft during SpaceX's all-civilian orbital mission in 2021. Beyond her space achievements, Sian's work spans over two decades in geoscience education, where she has been instrumental in shaping curriculum and fostering an environment of excellence and inclusion.

Her commitment to empowering underrepresented groups in STEM is evident through her founding of Space2Inspire and the Proctor Programme, aiming to inspire women of colour and BIPOC community members through art, media, and experiential learning. Her contributions to science education, space art, and her pioneering role in space travel exemplify her dedication to inspiring change and encouraging the next generation to reach for the stars.

Official Speaking Topics for Sian Proctor:

  • Analog Astronaut: Living in Moon & Mars Simulations
  • Leadership
  • Diversity in STEM
  • Leadership Lessons from Living in a Mars Simulation
  • Analog Astronaut Simulations & Training

7. Ellen Ochoa

Ellen Ochoa stands as a monumental figure in both the aerospace sector and as a champion for diversity, inclusion, and female empowerment. As the first female Hispanic astronaut, she has not only spent a remarkable 41 days in space, achieving every mission objective over her four Space Shuttle flights, but has also made significant contributions to the aerospace industry through her role as the 11th Director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Beyond her space exploration achievements, Ellen is an influential keynote speaker, sharing her insights on innovation, leadership, and the crucial importance of diversity and inclusion in STEM fields. Her advocacy for broader representation and equitable opportunities in these critical areas highlights her commitment to fostering an inclusive culture.

8. Jerry L Ross

Jerry Lynn Ross, a remarkable figure in the annals of space exploration and aerospace engineering, has achieved significant milestones throughout his illustrious career. Jerry's journey has been marked by groundbreaking contributions to spaceflight and aerospace technology. His service as a United States Air Force officer and his exceptional achievements at NASA, including being the first person launched into space seven times, have earned him widespread recognition.

His commitment to excellence is highlighted by the numerous awards and medals he has received, underscoring his pivotal role in advancing our understanding of space. Jerry continues to inspire as a motivational speaker, sharing his rich experiences to encourage future generations to explore the boundaries of space and science. His legacy is not only etched in the records of spaceflight but also in the minds of those he continues to inspire.

Official Speaking Topics for Jerry L Ross:

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Astronauts & Space
  • Futurism & Space Technology
  • Drive & Determination

9. Ron Garan

Ron Garan, a distinguished figure with a rich background in space exploration, leadership, and technology, epitomises the essence of transformational experiences shaping visionary insights. As a commissioned officer and an F-16 pilot, Ron exhibited exceptional dedication, serving in pivotal roles across various squadrons, including participation in significant operations like Desert Shield and Desert Storm. His transition to NASA in 2000 marked the beginning of a new chapter, leading to two spaceflights that significantly contributed to the International Space Station's development.

In his current role as a keynote speaker, Ron draws from his diverse experiences to inspire and guide audiences across the globe. Through his book, "The Orbital Perspective," and his speeches, he articulates a vision of leadership, teamwork, innovation, and unity, making a compelling case for the lessons space exploration offers to address terrestrial challenges. Ron Garan embodies the spirit of exploration, leadership, and technological innovation, making him a pivotal figure in inspiring current and future generations.

Official Testimonial for Ron Garan:

"Astronaut Ron Garan will transport you from the magnificent sense of possibility in outer space to the perspective of a worm on Earth’s rich soil and will reassert our fundamental connection to one another in ways that challenge and inspire. We all need more of an orbital perspective to remind us that, in the end, we only have each other."- Acumen

10. Garrett Reisman

Garrett Reisman's journey from a mechanical engineering prodigy to a revered NASA astronaut epitomises the essence of innovation, motivation, and leadership in the aerospace domain. With a distinguished career that includes over 100 days in space, participation in three spacewalks, and the unique accomplishment of serving aboard all three Space Shuttles, Garrett embodies the pinnacle of astronautical excellence.

His transition from an engineer at top firms to key roles at NASA, and later as a Senior Advisor at SpaceX, showcases a relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries in human spaceflight. Beyond his technical contributions, Garrett's role as a Professor of Astronautical Engineering and his involvement in outreach through '2 Funny Astronauts' podcast reflect his dedication to inspiring the next generation. Through his work, Garrett Reisman continues to motivate, educate, and shape the trajectory of aerospace innovation, making him an unparalleled figure in the realm of astronaut and aerospace keynote speaking.

Official Speaking Topics for Garrett Reisman:

  • Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia - failures of risk management - what can organisations and individuals learn from these tragedies?
  • Innovation at NASA & SpaceX – Who Does it Better and Why?
  • Coming Up Next – a Golden Age of Human Spaceflight!

11. Maurizio Cheli

Maurizio Cheli, an illustrious figure in aviation and space exploration, has navigated his career from the Italian Air Force to the vast expanse of space, accruing over 380 hours in space and 4500 hours in flight. His journey has been marked by significant achievements, including prestigious awards like the McKenna Trophy and recognition as the first Italian Mission Specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia STS-75.

As a motivational keynote speaker, he draws upon his rich tapestry of experiences, offering insights into risk management, leadership, and the power of collaboration. His talks, enriched by a lifetime of extraordinary achievements and challenges, inspire a wide audience, from corporate events to educational institutions, making Maurizio Cheli a beacon of inspiration in the realms of space exploration and personal development.

Official Speaking Topics for Maurizio Cheli:

  • Teamwork
  • Technology
  • Authority, Leadership & Distributed Leadership
  • Innovation

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