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At the centre of most success stories, motivation is the driving force behind progression. No matter where we draw our motivation from, it is essential to find what inspires us to get the best out of any situation. Motivational speakers have years of industry experience and offer fascinating snippets from their career highs and lows that serve to entertain and inspire audiences.


Having worked with thousands of motivational speakers from all walks of life, we have built lasting partnerships, and thus are able to showcase an extensive selection of top-class talent able to speak at corporate events, team building events and conferences.

Pen Hadow
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton | 18th July 2019
Endorsed by Time magazine as the Hero of the Environment in 2009, explorer Pen Hadow has had an unrivalled impact on climate change research and polar exploration in recent years. We take a look at the extensive career of the world-renowned advocate…
Motivated businessman
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton | 12th July 2019
Motivational quotes are easy to come by, but when they are shared by experienced and successful businesspeople, you know the advice is based on genuine experience and hard graft! Contemplate any of these motivational quotes and give…
Dealing with pressure situations
Serena Murphy
Serena Murphy | 27th June 2019
Performing in high-pressure environments is what defines the greatest minds and competitors. The concept has been studied extensively by scientists, psychologists and others who have strived for marginal gains. Whether it is workplace stress or…
Desert walk inspiration
Serena Murphy
Serena Murphy | 30th April 2019
We take a look at 20 inspirational speakers with unusual, exciting and completely unique stories. Though completely different, all unite with the common theme of having extraordinary stories to share...