What Is Digital Disruption and Artificial Intelligence?

Chris Sutton
Digital Copywriter
ai and digital disruption

The topics of digital disruption and artificial intelligence (AI) have become more and more prominent in recent years, but what do these phrases actually mean?

In a world where technology is advancing all the time, it is important to understand the meaning of these terms as well as the impact they can have on our lives.

Here at The Motivational Speakers Agency, we have a wide range of fascinating personalities on our roster who can shed light on the topic at all of their events. We have provided a brief rundown of what these issues really are, and the speakers who have the experience and insight to every event they attend.

Digital Disruption

The word disruption here could imply technology causing problems but in actual fact it does not mean this at all. The term digital disruption actually relates to the emergence of new technology and the effect that has on the value and relevance of existing products. The constant evolution of technology can see those existing products fall to the way side and this is what digital disruption refers to.

A good example of this is the digital camera. Nowadays, digital cameras have a plethora of features that were not possible before. Even 10 years ago cameras were not as advanced as we are now used to, and they can also capture video as well as incredible photos. This has resulted in companies having to constantly keep up to date with the latest technology or fall behind. Many companies have lost millions due to not advancing their technology and products at the same rate, and this is what digital disruption truly relates to.

The Best Digital Disruption Speakers

The Motivational Speakers Agency knows how important this topic can be to businesses, especially as they aim to keep ahead of the competition and we can provide a whole host of expert speakers who are able to offer their fascinating views on the topic.

A good example of this is Dr Kevin Fong. The renowned scientist is an expert on echnology-related matters and can even discuss space exploration and the environment. He has appeared on some of the country’s biggest television programmes over the years and at all of his speaking events  engages with audiences on a diverse range of digital disruption topics.

Other speakers we can offer include entrepreneur John Straw, Datafloq founder Mark Van Rijmenam and renowned author Gerd Leonhard.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the concept of computer systems or robotics able to perform tasks that require human intelligence. This involves several different tasks including decision-making, speech recognition, translation and visual perception and is something that is developing all the time.

First founded by academics in 1956, the topic has really grown in the last two decades, and some scientists and industry experts have even predicted that AI will power 85% of customer service interactions by 2020. With driverless cars and other features constantly being developed, there are even predictions that humans could be outperformed by AI within the next 30 years.

The Best AI Speakers

Due to it being such a popular subject, there are plenty of AI speakers to choose from at Champions Motivational Speakers. However, not everyone sees the developments as a positive thing. Tesla founder, Elon Musk, has concerns that AI could be extremely dangerous for the human race. The billionaire business mogul is one of the most high-profile figures to speak out about the subject even suggesting it could be more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

At all of his speaking events, Musk is able to discuss this topic in detail as he continues to demand regulations for AI. Other speakers who are able to highlight all the pros and cons of the issue include AI specialist Calum Chace, philosopher Professor Nick Bostrom and author Jack Uldrich.

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