Go champion Lee Se-dol wins game against Google's DeepMind AI for first time
lewis ray
Lewis Ray | 14th March 2016
In the seemingly lopsided battle between artificial intelligence and the human brain currently playing out in South Korea, things have not been as straightforward as initially hoped for the machine.
Could You Become A Motivational Speaker?
champions | 11th March 2016
On paper, motivational speaking seems like a fairly easy and straightforward job. In theory, all you need is yourself, smart attire, a voice, and an audience. You step up on stage, you deliver your speech, you get applauded and, at the end of it all…
champions | 10th March 2016
History was made in the world of science this week when three British researchers won a prize worth one million euros, awarded each year for an "outstanding contribution to European neuroscience".
Bank Of England
Scott Skerritt
Scott Skerritt | 07th March 2016
With the referendum over the UK’s membership of the European Union taking place on Thursday 23 June, both “Remain” and “Leave” camps are putting forward their arguments over the future of the country.