Pete Cohen
champions | 22nd December 2015
Life is never straightforward, and sometimes we all need help in navigating through the chicanes and obstacles that life throws at us, from unexpected setbacks to establishing your place in the world.
Alan Sugar
champions | 21st December 2015
Another series of The Apprentice has come to an end, and Lord Alan Sugar’s longevous business reality programme shows no sign of slowing down – since 2008, the show has drawn in an average of more than seven million viewers per season.
Richard Branson
Luke Vials
Luke Vials | 25th November 2015
The business management speakers are perfect if you feel that your business is slowing down and organisation in the workplace has gone awry. They will give you a thorough insight into how to increase the productivity of your business.
Peak Performance Speakers
champions | 11th October 2015
If you have noticed a slacking in performance in your business or team, then perhaps a peak performance speaker is what is missing.