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Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a multi-million pound business? Our business management speakers help answer your questions. From Dragon's Den entrepreneurs to founders of brands, why not book one of our speakers to appear at your event, today?

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Perfect for instilling efficiency and success in the corporate world, our selection of vice presidents, chief executives, founders, managers, and other business leaders are the ideal addition to your conference, team building, or corporate event.

Boasting names such as Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon), Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX), Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Duncan Bannatyne OBE, Jordan Belfort, and many others, The Motivational Speakers Agency have a world leader to inspire, entertain, and galvanise your team.

From little tricks of the trade to funny anecdotes and personal stories, these professional after-dinner speakers will boost your workforce and provide a catalyst for success.

Beyond the business concerns a corporate event needs to be entertaining. With a host celebrity business leaders including the popular Lord Alan Sugar and Duncan Bannatyne OBE of television fame, these professional after dinner speakers have mastered their acts to provide talks and speeches laden with humour, insight, and personal anecdotes to engage the audience and inspire.

Modern business minds like Elon Musk, Sophie Cornish and even Jordan Belfort of Wolf of Wall Street fame are also available to make your corporate event one of the most exciting happenings of the year.

The corporate world is as fickle as the markets that govern it with credibility the lifeblood of any company or business. Reputable business speakers, management speakers, business leaders, and famous founders are the best way to increase your own firm’s credibility and impress clients and employees alike. From team building, to conferences, and corporate dinners a famous face and successful CV go a long way to legitimising your ambitions and provide a strong grounding for success.

From discussing market trends to analysing customer behaviour, we have a range of different business management speakers that can be booked for corporate events, functions and conferences. Fill in our online contact form or call us on 0207 1010 553 to book today.