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At The Motivational Speakers Agency, we work with hundreds of professional speakers whose expertise ranges from international and transatlantic relations to the economic development of China, as well as everything in between.

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China is the world's fastest-growing economy. Rising at a rate of knots, China sits on $14 trillion GDP. Able to discuss the balance of power, the future of China's economy, Chinese history, finance and futurism, foreign policy, political reform - our speakers on Chinese affairs can bring life to several fields of discussion. Helping businesses to understand China's role in global politics and the future of the international trade, there are many aspects beneficial to corporate audiences, be it in terms of investment, insight or trade partnerships.

Despite China's recent slump in economic growth which has emerged as a possible side effect to the ongoing trade war with the USA, China is a powerhouse in technology and investment. Helping to drive global development, China is a central facet behind international trade.

Boasting 1.35 billion people and the fourth largest state land mass, China is a nation full of opportunity. Prior to the 2019 trade war and subsequent slump which has pressed the rewind button on a little of China's fast-paced progress in trade and Gross Domestic Product, China was the undisputed world-leader in terms of growth. Quickly catching the developed economies of Western Europe, the US and areas in the Middle East, China showed no signs of slowing down. Even despite the decelerating levels of trade, it remains a global superpower capable of unprecedented growth in the future.

Experts on China are able to discuss the political and economic landscape, allowing businesspeople to make better investment and trade decisions. Sharing in depth insight and up-to-date analysis on trends, China speakers are able to provide clarity on a number of issues relating to the region of The Republic of China.

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