Employment & Future of Work Speakers

The world of work is in constant fluctuation, but our speakers can offer some clarity. An event that features one of our speakers will become a platform for growth and self improvement, an opportunity for employers to gain valuable expertise on getting the most out of what their business can offer.

Pinnacle Figures In The Evolving World Of Work

The umbrella term of “employment and business” covers everyone from Human Resources to Managing Directors, describing any business role that centres around employee wellbeing, training and business development. Covering all industries, our employment speakers have the expertise to offer advice on creating the most profitable working environment, touching upon their own experiences to tell their inspiring stories.

Our speakers understand the importance of humanising the individuals that make a company possible, whilst prioritising profits. Charismatic, honest and engaging, our speakers are guaranteed to captivate an audience's attention. Able to motivate any age group, from innovative graduates eager join the workforce to established business owners wanting a fresh viewpoint, our speakers are adaptable and versatile - no matter the kind of event, we have a speaker for you. Offering advice on topics like health and safety, self-employment and working from home, the Employment and Future of Work Speakers at The Motivational Speakers Agency are seasoned professionals in the world of work.

Due to their unique experience, our speakers understand what it’s like to face adversities in the workplace, from personal discrimination to overcome setbacks in a competitive market - they are qualified to discuss every area of business and employment. In our drastically evolving climate, our speakers can offer an answer to some of society's most prevalent questions; for example, will all of our jobs be taken by robots? And, will a sustainable society cause unemployment for those working in coal production? Our Employment and Future of Work Speakers can shine a light through the ever-evolving and sometimes confusing nature of business.

To book one our Employment & Future of Work Speakers, simply contact the Motivational Speakers agency by emailing agent@championsukplc.com or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.