The Top 16 Mental Health Awareness Week Speakers in 2024 Ranked by Popularity

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Mental Health Awareness Week

As we emerge from the challenges of the previous two years, awareness of mental health is more important than ever. Mental Health Awareness Week is celebrated annually as a means of creating support for those affected by mental health.

In a world where 25% of people experience mental health problems each year, and 15% of people experience mental health issues in the workplace, it is vitally important to create open and supportive conversations surrounding the subject.

When is Mental Health Awareness Week?

An annual celebration, this year Mental Health Awareness Week, is taking place from the 13th to the 19th of May. It is focused on helping people achieve good mental health and feel supported in their journey to mental wellbeing. In a world where over 65% of people experience anxiety or depression in any given week, this awareness event is a vital reminder to invest in wellbeing services. 

What is the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week?

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 is 'Movement: Moving more for our mental health'. Each year, the awareness event highlights a specific area or problem surrounding mental health that affects millions of people every year to draw attention to the global issue. Companies and organisations are encouraged to recognise the event's specific theme and use it as a guide for organising mental health-themed events.  

Top Trending Speakers for Mental Health Awareness Week 2024:

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week, we conducted official research into our top trending mental health speakers for 2024. Our booking agents gathered testimonials from thousands of events to devise the following rank of popularity:

Take a look at our selection of speakers below, then contact a booking agent to talk to a member of our team about your event. 

Dr Alex George - 9.8/10

Dr Alex George rose to fame when he appeared on the hit TV show Love Island. Before appearing in the villa, Dr Alex worked a respectable career as a Doctor in Emergency Medicine on the front line.

Returning to his profession, Dr Alex provided aid throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and was also appointed as the UK Mental Health Ambassador by Boris Johnson. Helping people prioritise their mental health, book Dr Alex to champion mental wellbeing.

Testimonial for Dr Alex George:

"We were eager to work with Dr Alex after developing our Emotional Pillar with Consumer Experience for L’Oreal Professional Products Division. Alex is a great figure, doing some amazing things to raise awareness and amplify the topic of Mental Health and he did not disappoint… Alex was inspiring, professional and relatable throughout and we will definitely be looking to work with him again. Keep up the fabulous work Alex!"Gayatri, L’Oreal

Ruby Wax - 9.7/10

Ruby Wax is a renowned mental health campaigner who has acted as an Ambassador for the mental health charities Mind and SANE. Author of A Mindfulness Guide for Survival and Sane New World: Taming the Mind, Ruby was appointed OBE for Services to Mental Health in 2015. Having delivered the TEDx talk What’s So Funny About Mental Illness?, book Ruby Wax to spark open conversations surrounding mental health and illnesses.

Testimonial for Ruby Wax:

"Ruby Wax spoke with passion, amazing depth of knowledge and, of course, great humour about the pressures and pitfalls of the human mind. She was incredibly well received by all who attended. I would definitely recommend Ruby for any event where mindfulness and mental health are a priority"Emma, HSBC

Katie Piper - 9.6/10

Katie Piper fell victim to a horrific acid attack back in 2008, leaving her with scarring on her face and body. Overcoming great adversity, Katie is now a successful TV presenter with several TV shows and a best-selling author, including the titles Beautiful and Beautiful Ever After.

Today, Katie spreads positivity by generating support for others with burns scars, promoting body positivity and positive mental health – appointed OBE in 2022 for Services to Charity, Victims of Burns and Other Disfigurement Injuries.

Testimonial for Katie Piper:

"She spoke with inspiration, authenticity, truth and confidence. Her story is undeniably unbelievable and her positivity and words of wisdom will stay with me for my entire life… you would have been able to hear a pin drop in the audience – we hung on her every word… her message of positivity and self-belief came at such a pertinent moment" - Alexis, Senior Client Partner, Diversity & Inclusion, Penna

Nigel Owens - 9.5/10

Nigel Owens is revered for his career as an International Rugby Referee, having made headlines as one of the first people in a male-dominated sport to come out as gay. Having struggled with his identity growing up, Nigel has suffered from bulimia and also attempted suicide. Now an Ambassador of Accelerate Sport and named Stonewall’s Gay Sports Personality of the Year, hire Nigel Owens to support diverse rights and mental health awareness.

Testimonial for Nigel Owens:

"On behalf of all the staff at Gilead, we would like to thank you for such an inspiring webinar today. The messages we have received have been overwhelming. We had just over 200 on the call (some were watching from a large screen in our meeting room). Thank you so much for your time and I wish you all the best in the future" - Donna, HR Business Partner, Gilead

Frankie Bridge - 9.4/10

Frankie Bridge enjoyed a successful career as part of The Saturdays and S Club Juniors. Today, she is a pioneering Ambassador of the mental health charity Mind and the author of OPEN: Why Asking For Help Can Save Your Life.

Having previously suffered from depression and a mental breakdown, Frankie knows first-hand how to increase awareness of mental health and support for those affected by mental illness.

Jonny Wilkinson - 9.3/10

Jonny Wilkinson is a retired Rugby player who forged a successful career playing for teams such as Newcastle Falcons, England and the British & Irish Lions. Capped 91 times for England and inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame, Jonny has dealt with many of the pressures of the top-flight sport. When booked as a mental health speaker, Jonny helps audiences with stress management and how to keep a positive mindset.

Testimonial for Jonny Wilkinson:

"We have had some amazing feedback, with a couple of people even saying Jonny was the best speaker so far! Great take home messages, and amazing honesty from him" - Roche Products Ltd

Ollie Ollerton - 9.2/10

Ollie Ollerton is a former Special Forces soldier and a member of the Directing Staff on Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins. Learning to stay calm under immense pressure, Ollie has experienced first-hand the mental strain that such responsibility puts on a person.

Founder of Break-Point, Ollie now channels his experiences from the SAS into corporate coaching that puts mental resilience and mental health at the heart of its ethos. When booked as a mental health speaker, Ollie helps audiences to build a strong mindset.

Neil & Jonny - 9.1/10

Neil and Jonny’s story is one of true inspiration that will leave audiences in awe. Having struggled with mental health throughout his life and been diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder, Jonny was driven to suicide back in 2008. Neil found Jonny ready to take his own life on Waterloo Bridge, London, and incredibly managed to talk Jonny out of the decision.

Years later, in 2014, Jonny began a search to find Neil using #FindMike, and amazingly the pair reunited. Now sharing their story, Neil and Jonny are the founders of Beyond, a charity focused on helping people with their mental health, and Ambassadors of Mental Health UK.

Testimonial for Neil & Jonny: 

"Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for sharing your story with our Bank of Ireland team this morning - the feedback has been amazing! While that’s lovely in itself, even more important is that you will have made a difference to some of our people who didn't know how they could find the "person on the bridge" that they might be needing to talk to. A huge thank you, really well done and my very best wishes to you both"Ian, Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Ireland UK

Beverley Callard - 9/10

Beverley Callard is a highly successful actress famed for playing characters such as Liz McDonald in Coronation Street and Flo Henshaw in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. A regular guest on Loose Women and author of Unbroken: My Story of Survival, Beverley is often seen speaking out on her struggles with mental health and depression.

Having previously suffered from clinical depression, Beverley empowers audiences to overcome their struggles and creates a network of support for others suffering. Rebuilding her confidence as a person and as an actress, Beverley uses her prominence to advocate for good mental health.

Testimonial for Beverley Callard:

”She did a cracking job once again. She is a real natural onstage in that environment. She is also so personable with guest after the presentation. She literally spent two hours chatting with the guests” - Daniel, Sapphire Princess

Anna Williamson - 8.9/10

Anna Williamson is a leading TV presenter who has worked on programmes such as Celeb’s Go Dating and Good Morning Britain. Author of Breaking Mum and Dad: The Insider’s Guide to Parenting Anxiety and Breaking Mad: The Insider’s Guide To Conquering Anxiety, Anna has openly discussed her battles with anxiety and created support for others suffering from anxiety. Having dealt with bouts of anxiety and depression, Anna uses her personal experiences and ambassadorial role with Mind to empower open conversations surrounding mental health.

Testimonial for Anna Williamson:

"Her incredible can-do attitude makes her a total joy to work with"Camilla, Celebrities and Ambassadors Manager, Mind

Owen O’Kane - 8.8/10

Pioneering a new approach to wellbeing, Owen O’Kane has previously worked as a Clinical Lead for the NHS. An expert on the effect stress has on the mind, Owen is the author of the best-selling book Ten to Zen.

Knowledgeable in how to manage uncertainty, adjust in times of crisis, cope with change and have hope in challenging times, Owen helps audiences find coping mechanisms that will lead to positive mental health.

Testimonial for Owen O’Kane

"A highly competent, knowledgeable mental health professional with a substantial range of expertise that sets him apart in his field. He delivers with passion, enthusiasm and energy"Linda, NHS

Emma-Jane Taylor - 8.7/10

Emma-Jane Taylor has experienced a lot in her life, having suffered childhood trauma and grooming. Now an established motivational speaker and the founder of The Works Company, Emma-Jane has also authored the self-help book Don’t Hold Back.

Creating a network of support for others going dealing with childhood trauma, Emma-Jane is an empowering and inspirational speaker guaranteed to leave people feeling equipped to speak out about their mental health and wellbeing.

Testimonial for Emma-Jane Taylor:

"Emma-Jane was an inspiring speaker who understood our requirements and wellbeing challenges and threaded the messages through her own inspiring story" - Pritha, Newton Europe

Hope Virgo - 8.6/10

Hope Virgo is a leading mental health and eating disorder awareness advocate, sharing her personal story of suffering in silence with anorexia. Now an Ambassador of the Shaw Mind Foundation and fronting the #DumpTheScales campaign, Hope is determined to create a network of support for those struggling with mental health. Also, the author of Stand Tall Little Girl and Hope Through Recovery, Hope is on a mission to improve workplace wellbeing and eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Testimonial for Hope Virgo:

"At our Mental Health Conference, Hope delivered her hugely insightful and moving personal story. Hope openly speaks with an evident passion on the topic of eating disorders and mental health in general, leaving audiences touch not only by her own story but with the hope that struggling with mental health doesn’t limit what you can in life"Andrew, HR, Royal Bank of Scotland

Daniel Lerner - 8.5/10

Daniel Lerner is a leading expert on happiness, having specialised in the study of positive psychology. Co-Founder of 21C Media Group, Daniel also leads a class on the Science of Happiness at New York University.

Teaching audiences how to realise their potential and self-worth in the new era of wellbeing, Daniel empowers audiences to realise their unique potential and be happy.

Testimonial for Daniel Lerner: 

"Dan is electric! When he speaks, people tune in like the world is on pause. In the 10 years that I have known Dan he has done speaking engagements for my wealth management practice, to clients and referral sources, and for my alumni association (University of Maryland). The responses that I receive after each and every event are beyond positive … they are uniquely exceptional" - Oppenheimer Funds

Thomas Dunning - 8.5/10

Thomas Dunning is a passionate advocate for mental health, famed as the Founder of Mental Health Runner. An avid runner, Thomas found a passion for running as a form of escapism and now spreads the benefits of sports for mental wellbeing.

The author of Surviving the War Against Yourself was also invited to deliver the TEDx talk, The Fight For Survival In The War Against Yourself. When looking for a passionate mental health speaker who creates a network of support and shares personal experiences, book Thomas Dunning today.

Testimonial for Thomas Dunning:

”I have just listened to your story – very powerful and very honest. Thank you for sharing, you are a great advocate for mental health” - Group Company Secretary, Head of Legal Services, ABF Weston Centre

Nick Wilson - 8.5/10

Former British Army Soldier for 14 years, Nick Wilson is now a passionate mental health advocate after suffering a mental breakdown and surviving a suicide attempt. The Founder of Wellbeing 360, Nick is now qualified in cognitive behavioural therapy, mental health first aid and neuro-linguistics programming.

Also the Founder of Talk Mental Health CIC and a Global Goodwill Ambassador, Nick has positively impacted hundreds of people with the hashtags #TimetoListen and #RealMenTalk. Determined not to let his past define him, Nick is on a mission to help all achieve positive mental health.

Testimonials for Nick Wilson:

"The event went very well! We have had a lot of fantastic feedback from employees and Nick was a fantastic final presenter who really drove home the message that understanding mental wellbeing is only the beginning, the real impact comes when you take the time to own it and ensure you are addressing it." - Oscar, Amazon

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