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At the centre of most success stories, motivation is the driving force behind progression. No matter where we draw our motivation from, it is essential to find what inspires us to get the best out of any situation. Motivational speakers have years of industry experience, offering years of fascinating snippets from their career highs and lows, that serve to entertain and inspire audiences.


Having worked with thousands of motivational speakers from all walks of life, we have built lasting partnerships, and thus are able to showcase an extensive selection of top-class talent able to speak at corporate events, team building events and conferences.


How Do Motivational Speakers Differ From Inspirational Speakers?


Inspirational speakers have an intrinsic passion to use their experiences to change people’s mindset, differing from this, motivational speakers endeavour to inspire motivation in others. Significantly more relied upon for corporate event, though not limited to, they encourage productivity and confidence. 


Whereas inspiration is a process, motivation is described as a pulling force, as it pulls you towards making a change in your life. Speakers of each topic differ in similar ways. An inspirational speaker will ignite a different outlook, motivational speakers will drive you to make a difference. 


What Does A Motivational Speaker Discuss? 


Motivational speakers incite change. Through statistics, studies, industry knowledge and personal stories, that can give people the confidence to change their personal and professional lives for the better. Rather than focusing on the negatives, motivational speakers will offer strategies to overcome issues and challenges. 


These speakers are unique due to the topics they discuss, which generally revolve around building willpower, productivity and self-regulation through the lens of motivational tactics. They are experts in human behaviour, so will use their knowledge to explain why motivation is important, not just what is required to be motivated.

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