5 Ways to Build Mental Resilience in the Workplace

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Every business will face challenging times, but how they react is what determines success. To navigate difficult times, or periods of growth, a strong, mentally resilient team is required, armed with the tools to work productively under pressure. By investing in the mental resilience of your workplace team, you are investing in your growth capacity, employee health, and ultimately your future profits.

With 12.7% of all sickness absence attributed to mental health issues and 89% of workers reporting mental health problems impact their work, building mental strength in your team will support the output of your business and emotional needs of your employees. 


Check out our top five ways to build mental resilience in your business, to futureproof individual and corporate success.

Encourage Productive Breaks

Encouraging breaks is one of the best ways you can support the mental strength of your team, by allowing them the autonomy to decide when they need to take five to refresh their mind. Building in short breaks throughout the working week to reflect on a tricky task, or step back from a challenging situation can lead to a more positive mentality and allow them to feel in control of the way they manage stress.

Offer Mindfulness Classes

With the rise in popularity of personal mindfulness apps, like Headspace and Calm, more people are making breathing exercises and guided meditation a regular part of their day. As an employer, you can take this further and support mindfulness in the workplace, as improved mental wellbeing leads to improved mental resilience. Booking a leading coach to run classes for your team or allowing five minutes at the start of the working day for personal mindfulness will develop happier, healthier employees who are ready for whatever the day throws their way.

Develop Team Cohesion

Mental resilience isn’t isolated to an individual, especially in the workplace environment. When a business is built on strong teams, and those teams are supported by strong individuals, the potential for success is limitless. By encouraging team building days, creating an effective corporate structure, and ensuring there is a trusting culture, each individual in your company will feel empowered to strive through any challenging business period and succeed as a team.

Support Physical Wellbeing

Physical health and mental resilience go hand in hand. When individuals take care of their physical wellbeing, including sleep, exercise, and diet, it reduces feelings of stress and promotes positivity. A strong body is proven to support a stronger mind, and this mental strength sees people thrive in every aspect of their personal and professional lives. As an employer, you can subsidise gym memberships, offer free fruit, or run workshops on healthy eating, to encourage good lifestyle choices for your team.

Book a Mental Resilience Speaker

Backed by personal experiences, a mental resilience speaker offers actionable advice to their audience, on how to establish mental strength in their own lives. From sports stars to adventurers, Champions Speakers have a whole host of mental reliance speakers who can empower your team with the tools to succeed no matter the challenges faced.

In both a virtual and in-person capacity, mental resilience speakers leave a long-lasting positive impression, making them some of the most sought-after transformational speakers on the circuit.

Have a look at our top five mental resilience speakers, and what they can offer your workplace audience.

Ranulph Fiennes

The world’s greatest living explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes has faced his fair share of challenges, from discovering the Lost City of Iram to completing the toughest footrace on earth. The former British Army Officer has achieved great feats, pushing the boundaries of human capability, and credits his success to his superior mental resilience. Despite a heart attack and double heart bypass, Ranulph’s mental strength has carried him through when his body has struggled, a testament to his resilience, which he discusses with audiences at events.

”The session was amazing, Sir Ranulph’s story is beyond anything I could’ve imagined and was fascinating from beginning to end. We even had some people say he is the best speaker they’d ever heard/seen!” - Sam, FireEye

Ollie Ollerton

Best recognised as part of the Directing Staff on SAS: Who Dares Wins, Ollie Ollerton’s ability to hone his mental resilience in crisis situations, saw him enlisted in the UK’s most elite team - the Special Forces. With his military career taking him into the world’s harshest environments, and his later charity work further pushing his limits, Ollie established an emotional resilience second to none, allowing him to preserver and complete often dangerous tasks. When engaging audiences at events, Ollie recounts stories from epic missions and relates them to the key qualities required for strength in the workplace.

”Last night with Ollie was awesome, thank you. He inspired us all. We were all really impressed with what he said and just him as a whole, and it was really lovely that he joined us for the evening. Thank you so much for helping to make this happen.”Charis, Wincanton.

Bonita Norris

Bonita Norris is the youngest people to have both climbed Everest and reached the North Pole, an exceptional feat most people can only dream of. The young adventurer continues to impress in her daring challenges, completing every expedition she sets her mind to, certifying her as an expert on mental resilience. Whether you’re faced with a mountain to climb physically, like Bonita, or mentally, with a workplace task, her keynote talks on mental strength are truly transformational, inspiring audiences to persevere and succeed.

”One of the most inspirational speakers I have met. Totally applicable experience for a leadership programme. Eloquent and modest she totally drew the listeners in. Some of us forgot where we were, we were so enthralled. Absolutely fantastic.” - Rachel, Thales Learning and Development

Derek Redmond

Making headlines for his heart-breaking loss at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, 400-meter sprinter, Derek Redmond, showed unparalleled resilience when his hamstring ripped mid-race. Unable to claim the top spot as he had hoped, Derek utilised his mental strength to hobble across the finish line, making Olympic history. A hero of sport, and one of the foremost experts on mental resilience, Derek inspires audiences and equips them with the tools to tackle hurdles in their own lives.

”Derek provided some valuable insights into team building/leadership by expressing them in a sporting context. His delivery was professional, funny, honest and extremely engaging. Furthermore, whilst off the stage as well as on, he was very personable and endeared himself to everyone in the team.” - Lloyds Bank

Penny Mallory

From a run-away homeless teen to becoming the first and only woman to compete in a World Rally Car, Penny Mallory epitomises what is means to defy the odds. Crediting her success to the mental toughness she established throughout her early life and into her later career, Penny uses her influential story to inspire audiences, empowering them to utilise mental resilience in their personal and professional lives.

”We have a wide range of audiences and they are quite discerning but Penny always delivers exactly the right mix of humour and inspirational material. She is one of a rare group of public speakers who really connects with the audience and delivers something very special.”Davina Taylor, P&O Cruises

Ready to Support Your Team?

If you’re looking to build mental resilience in your team, and want to recruit an expert, browse our extensive list of mental resilience speakers. When you’re ready to book a transformational talk, or want advice on the best fit for your audience, contact our booking agents on the online contact form or call 0207 0787 876.

Sophia Hayes Official Author Picture
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Sophia Hayes has been an integral part of The Motivational Speakers Agency since 2011, bringing her expertise to the family business as the Magazine Sales Director and Sports Manager. Over the past decade, she has successfully managed Aspirational and Inspirational Magazines, which were recognised by Gucci’s marketing department as “the best independent magazine[s] in the UK”.


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Sophia’s academic background includes a 2:1 degree in Politics and Business Management from Loughborough University, which complements her professional experience. She is not only a bright personality in the office but also a passionate advocate for mental health and resilience. As the agency's resident expert on motivation, mental health, wellbeing, resilience and emotional intelligence, Sophia Hayes plays a crucial role in shaping the company’s ethos and achievements.


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