The 10 Best Speakers to Hire for Cyber Security Awareness Month in 2024

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Cyber Security

National Cyber Security Awareness Month takes place annually and is a time for individuals and businesses alike to take action to prevent cybercrime and become more aware of what can be done to improve cyber security.

When is National Cyber Security Awareness Month?

According to The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, National Cyber Security Awareness Month takes place throughout October and is celebrated annually.

Why is National Cyber Security Awareness Month Observed?

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is an annual celebration of awareness, observed to raise awareness of the best cyber security practices that will best protect businesses. The month is also a time to emphasise the importance of a unified effort to prevent cybercrime.

With 64% of companies worldwide having experienced at least one form of cybercrime or attack, cyber crimes are a growing issue. According to The Cyber Security Speakers Agency, there is a hacking attack every 39 seconds, a terrifying statistic that further emphasises the value of cyber security and celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

The Best 10 Cyber Security Awareness Speakers to Hire in 2024

A fantastic way to learn more about how to arm yourself and your business against cybercrime is by booking a world-class cyber security speaker. Take a look at our selection of the best cyber security speakers for your business below.

  1. Baroness Joanna Shields
  2. Robert Pritchard
  3. Sarah Armstrong-Smith
  4. Ciaran Martin
  5. Keren Elazari
  6. Jonathan Shaw
  7. Chloe Colliver
  8. Jonathan Zittrain
  9. Chris Kelly
  10. Kathryn Parsons

Baroness Joanna Shields

A pioneering woman in tech, Baroness Joanna Shields is famed for her role as the first Minister of Internet Safety & Security in the UK. Now the CEO of BenevolentAI, Joanna, has made it her mission to increase understanding of the threats that emerging technology causes, informing the public on how they can remain safe when using the internet and technology.

Having also been the Co-Chair of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety and the Founder of WePROTECT Global Alliance, Joanna is now booked as a speaker to share her authority on staying safe on the internet. Named as one of the Most Influential Women in UK IT, Joanna uses her experience at the heart of the UK Government to ensure that everyone knows how to safely use the World Wide Web.

Robert Pritchard

A leading authority on cyber security, Robert Pritchard is the Founder of The Cyber Security Expert and has formerly advised top security teams on cyber threats – such as the Ministry of Defence and the UK’s Cyber Security Operations Centre. Having worked as a Senior Manager of the Cyber Incident Response Mechanisms Team for the UK Government, Robert has overseen cyber security plans for major events such as the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Having also worked as the Deputy Head of the UK’s Cyber Security Operations Centre and the Chief Information Security Officer for Cazoo, Robert is a preeminent authority on identifying cyber security threats and arming businesses against malicious cyber-crime.

Sarah Armstrong-Smith

Having forged a respectable career in STEM, Sarah Amstrong-Smith is currently working as the Chief Security Advisor of Microsoft. Stamping her mark on the practices of the worldwide technology company, Sarah has been on the front line of major cyber incidents and put to use her previous experience of working on the Millennium Bug. Having also been the Manager of Technology Risk Services for Ernst & Young and a Disaster Recovery Manager for AXA, Sarah’s knowledge of protecting businesses from cybercrime is second to none.

Named as one of the Most Influential Women in UK Tech and one of the Most Influential Women in Cyber Security, Sarah is now booked as a keynote speaker to share the best practices of cyber security, how to manage crises and how to recover from disaster.


"Sarah was an absolutely fabulous speaker – so interesting and a wealth of knowledge and stayed around afterwards for photos and a chat (I think she was actually last to leave!). I would really recommend her for future speaking jobs." - Samantha, Leicester Tigers

Ciaran Martin

Founding CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre at GCHQ, Ciaran Martin, has clocked over 23 years in UK civil service and changed the entire United Kingdom Security Strategy. Rising from eighth to first on the International Telecommunications Union Global Cybersecurity Index, Ciaran is considered a preeminent authority on national and international cyber security.

In the early 2000s, Ciaran acted as the Principal Private Secretary to the Cabinet Secretary, providing his advice on how to best manage cyber security to some of the country's most prominent authorities on the subject. Appointed CBE for Services to International and Global Cyber Security, don’t miss out on a speech on how you can best arm your business against cybercrime from Ciaran Martin.

Keren Elazari

Founder of Leading Cyber Ladies, Keren Elazari, has written extensively on emerging technology and the cyber security threats that such technology poses. Enjoying a successful career in cyber security, having worked as Cyber Security Business Development Manager for Verint and a Risk Management Junior Associate for PwC, Keren is now booked as a speaker to detail the role hackers have in the digital society and what people must do to defend themselves against such hackers.

A seasoned speaker, Keren has delivered the TEDx talk Hackers: The Internet’s Immune System and was the former Co-Chair of the International Conference on Cyber Terrorism. Named as one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Israel by Forbes, Keren is the perfect speaker when looking to arm your business against future malware epidemics.


"Keren was great. She was a highlight of our meeting and I received great feedback about her presentation. She was lovely to speak with as well!" - ARGO Group

Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan Shaw has enjoyed a diverse career, initially commissioned into the Parachute Regiment of the 3rd Battalion as a Platoon Commander in the British Army. Forging his reputation as a dedicated officer for three decades, Jonathan reached the title of Major General and Head of Cyber Security for the British Army. The first British military person to ever take on this role, Jonathan built detailed knowledge of cyber-crime, risk, strategy and disaster relief.

Now booked as a speaker, Jonathan teaches audiences to prevent and manage cyber-crimes. Author of Britain in a Perilous World: The Strategic Defence and Security Review We Need, Jonathan expertly describes how cyber security should be managed and strategised.


"Jonathan provided a really interesting round-up at the end of the day. The attendees seemed engaged and interested in his presentation." - Francesca, BSI

Chloe Colliver

Chloe Colliver is a pioneering woman in tech who is currently working as the Head of Digital Policy & Strategy at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. Mapping research on hate speech, extremist content and terrorism, Chloe is an expert on identifying malicious information. With detailed knowledge of disinformation, Chloe advises businesses on how to arm themselves against cyber criminals with proper practices of cyber security.

A graduate of Clare College at the University of Cambridge, it is without a doubt that Chloe has the qualifications to back her credible experience. Now booked as a speaker for a range of corporate events, Chloe shares her leading authority on disinformation and fake news, translating such expertise to help businesses not fall victim to downloading viruses and phishing scams.

Jonathan Zittrain

Co-Founder of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Jonathan Zittrain, is a leading expert on computer security. Having also worked as a Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at the University of Oxford, Jonathan is an expert advisor on how to use the Internet safely. Author of Access Denied: The Practise and Policy of Global Internet Filtering, Jonathan knows the ins and outs of cyber security and protecting yourself from falling victim to cybercrime.

Now booked as a speaker for corporate events, Johnathan educates audiences on internet regulation and safety. Named a Young Global Leader and Fellow of the World Economic Forum, don’t miss out on an engaging speech from technological safety expert Jonathan Zittrain.

Chris Kelly

As the 25th employee of Facebook, Chris Kelly forged his success as the Chief Privacy Officer of Facebook. Setting the standard for security strategies, Chris pioneered digital safety during his time working for Facebook, which he now shares insights on as a keynote speaker for corporate events. Making a considerable impact on Facebook, Chris is widely responsible for Facebook’s sustained success today.

Having also stood for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General of California, Chris has enjoyed a diverse career that has left him knowledgeable in various areas. From finance and technology to legal and cybersecurity, don’t miss out on an insightful speech on how to maintain privacy and security online with Chris Kelly.

Kathryn Parsons

Founder and Co-CEO of Decoded, Kathryn Parsons, is on a mission to bring increased understanding to the digital world. Helping people to better understand cyber security, digital disruption and data privacy, Kathryn ensures that companies and individuals alike are armed against cybercrime. Named as one of the 30 Most Important Women in Tech Under 30 by Business Insider and one of the 35 Women Under 35 by Management Today, Kathryn is widely regarded as a preeminent authority in her sector.

Driven to improve technical education, Kathryn has campaigned to have coding added to the National Curriculum in the UK, a dedication that saw her appointed MBE for Services to Education. When looking to help your company become more technologically literate, don’t hesitate to book a cyber security speech from Kathryn Parsons today.


"You have inspired our community, and have helped make the festival an unforgettable experience." - Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival

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