Jeremy Corbyn Begins 2016 With Labour Reshuffle

Jeremy Corbyn

The New Year often brings about pledges of change among people and organisations. Do more exercise, quit smoking, drink less, lose weight, make money, travel to new places – these are just some of the New Year’s resolutions that people try and adopt all across the world.

Likewise, there has been change within the Labour Party, with leader Jeremy Corbyn reshuffling his shadow cabinet this week. Contrary to popular belief, there were not many personnel swaps, with Hilary Benn retaining his role as shadow foreign secretary.

The casualties of the reshuffle were Pat McFadden, who was axed as shadow Europe minister, and Michael Dugher, who lost his position as shadow culture secretary. Dugher’s position has now been taken up by Maria Eagle, with Trident opponent Emily Thornberry replacing her as shadow defence secretary.

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