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Sports Speakers
Mark Matthews
Mark Matthews | 07th March 2019
If you are looking to book the finest sports speakers to impress your guests at sporting and corporate events, look no further. We have put together a list of 7 top sportspeople who are current, relevant and an entertaining presence at events.
Chris Hadfield
Mark Matthews
Mark Matthews | 22nd January 2019
We take a look at 5 of the biggest name keynote speakers in space travel right now. From the second man on the moon to the leading space innovators of today - we combine the new with the old and the brave with the bold.
Tour De France
Mark Matthews
Mark Matthews | 05th July 2017
This weekend marked the start of the 2017 edition of the world’s most famous road cycling event- The Tour de France. Every year the best cyclists in the world descend on France for a 23-day race which includes mountain, hill and flat surfaces. This…
Charlotte Evans
Mark Matthews
Mark Matthews | 20th July 2016
Over the years we've found that sports speakers have proved extremely popular with a huge number of businesses that we have arranged events for.