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Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence that can create novel content, from text to images, by learning from existing data. Keynote speakers specialising in generative AI are hired for their insights into this transformative technology, offering expertise on its potential, challenges and impacts on various industries and societal aspects. Hire a generative AI speaker today to learn more about the future of this emerging technology.

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Generative AI, a revolutionary development within AI, is poised to forever transform our society. This AI can generate videos, images, audio and text by using intricate machine-learning algorithms to analyse existing data. These intelligent machines expand their knowledge to produce unique outputs that resemble human creativity. Significantly, 75% of professionals expect generative AI to bring about "significant or disruptive change in the nature of their industry's competition" over the next three years. This highlights the disruptive potential of generative AI, encompassing both its advantages and challenges. Hiring a generative AI speaker can demystify this complex technology, offering comprehensible insights into its far-reaching implications.

Having taken the world by storm, generative AI is the newest advancement in technology that will revolutionise the way in which we work, communicate and live. Despite being in the early stages of development, generative AI is already disrupting hundreds of industries, uniquely shaping the way in which age-old practices are performed. If you are looking to learn more about generative AI, hire a generative AI speaker today! 

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI (GenAI) encompasses deep-learning models that create varied data, including images, videos, audio, text and 3D models, by learning from existing datasets. It's adept at producing realistic content akin to human creativity, crucial for industries like gaming and entertainment. Advances such as GPT and Midjourney have expanded GenAI's capabilities in problem-solving, artistry and research. Originating in statistical analysis, GenAI's evolution, marked by technologies like variational autoencoders since 2013, now allows it to process complex data, generating outputs that are statistically probable yet distinct, thus reflecting a significant leap in AI's ability to mimic and augment human creativity.

Source: GenerativeAI.Net & IBM

Why Should I Hire a Generative AI Speaker?

The growing prominence of generative AI in the business world is highlighted by the statistic that 60% of organisations with AI adoption are utilising generative AI. Additionally, 40% report an expected increase in overall AI investment due to the potential of generative AI. This underscores the significant impact and transformative power of generative AI in various industries. Hiring a generative AI speaker is crucial as they can provide valuable insights into leveraging this technology effectively. They can guide businesses in understanding the nuances, potential applications and strategic advantages of generative AI, ensuring organisations stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Source: McKinsey

Who are the Best Generative AI Speakers to Hire?

The best generative AI speakers are those with a deep understanding of AI technology, real-world application experience and the ability to convey complex AI concepts in an engaging and accessible manner. Want to learn more about generative AI? Then hire a generative AI or artificial intelligence speaker today! For guidance on who the best speakers to hire in 2024 are, take a look at our expert selection of the Top Trending Generative AI Speakers to Hire!

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