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Having completed a Masters in Creative Writing, Megan is found regularly contributing to the company blog, where she discusses everything from the latest socio-political news stories to self-improvement. Joining The Motivational Speakers Agency in 2019, Megan is also responsible for a variety of creative content, like contributing to the online presence of those we represent across the website.

Customer Service
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 29th April 2022
In early October 2022, National Customer Service Week will recognise the achievements of customer service agents across the world. In a study, 89% of consumers were reportedly more likely to invest in a product or service following a…
Andrew Pain
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 16th March 2022
This is an exclusive guest post written by Andrew Pain. Andrew is an outstanding corporate speaker and coach specialising in workplace burnout, productivity and leadership. Burnout: a modern buzzword, used loosely by some but fully understood…
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 03rd March 2022
Innovation is widely considered to be a crucial element of business, defined as the practical implementation of ideas resulting in new goods or services or the improvement and spread of ideas. Here at The Motivational Speakers Agency, we are…
black history month bg image
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 10th February 2022
Black History Month is an annual event that aims to celebrate black culture and the achievements and contributions to society of people from African and Caribbean backgrounds.