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The global economy is in constant fluctuation, whether due to a major political shift like Brexit or a simple increase in demand, it is sometimes difficult to navigate the complex nature of finance - this is where our speakers step in.


Below you will find posts either relating to general finance or discussing a Finance Speaker you can book today. Browse our speakers to find the perfect addition to your event, and guide your guests to a more profitable future.


Why Should I Book A Finance Speaker?


Without finance, a business idea will never become anything more than that, an idea. Companies rely on profits, the act of customers trading more money for a product or service than what it is worth, to make enough income for the business to continue annually. Finance speakers can offer expert knowledge on how to use financial resources to benefit your business. 


Our speakers have the industry expertise and personal passion to talk confidently about the economy, sharing their knowledge of both the downfalls of the past and prospects for the future of global finance.


What Is The History Of Finance?


Money started with the same intention that it has today - a bartering tool to use in exchange for a product or service. Prior to traditional methods of money transactions, small communities would exchange food or clothing of a predetermined worth. As communities grew, leaders started to enforce taxes and communal services were created for the people to use, meaning that methods had to change.


To overcome this, items were used to represent money (IOU’s), which could be saved or spent at the person’s pleasure. After objects like Whales' teeth and barley ran their course, metal money was used to reflect the intrinsic value of the purchase.


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Mark Matthews |
FinTech has been disrupting the financial services industry for just over a decade, and now what may once have been discarded as a 'fad' or an 'impossibility' is tightening its grip on the ever-changing financial services industry.
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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance is becoming an increasingly important factor for success. By determining the sustainability and societal impact of an investment, ESG helps to forecast the financial performance of a business. Take a…