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Mental Health Speakers

In today's workplace environment, mental health speakers are as important as ever. With such personality traits as emotional intelligence proving key to employee wellbeing, countless mental health speakers are featuring at industry events to share their strategies on positivity and productivity.

From the world of sport, business, science and entertainment, both celebrity mental health speakers and psychological experts alike frequently attend events to promote mental health awareness. At the Motivational Speakers Agency, our roster of mental health speakers each has their own story to tell.

For business owners, a mental health speaker can drastically improve the mindset of your team, realigning their priorities to value peak performance - a target for many athletes that balances productive rest with high targets. Positive mental health can ensure that your employees come into work rested, driven and positive about the day, which can ultimately decrease staff turnover and increase productivity.

What Is A Mental Health Speaker?

A mental health speaker is an expert in emotional wellbeing. Capable of discussing complex topics, they have the knowledge and eloquence to explore sometimes sensitive topics in a respectful manner. Featuring a mental health speaker at your event will open your audience’s eyes to the value of self-care, and nurturing a positive mental state. Those who can confidently act with emotional intelligence, which includes rationality, understanding and calmness under conflict, practice a productive work attitude.

Which Topics Do Mental Health Speakers Discuss?

From self-awareness and empathy to social skills and intrinsic motivation, mental health speakers cover a range of topics, each one beneficial to audiences. Deriving from their own experiences of hardship, these speakers shape their topics around their personal strategies to positive mental health.

Armed with tips and tricks on supporting others and nurturing your own emotional wellbeing, booking a mental health speaker can encourage peak performance in the workplace. Looking after our health, both mental and physical, should be our top priority, these speakers can inspire us to take the first step.

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